Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 176 - Before Chinese New Year (3)

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Chapter 176: Before Chinese New Year (3)

It was two days before the New Year, everyone was relatively active. Many people wanted to go shopping in the town for the New Year.

Although the people in the countryside had a hard life, there were people who lived well, such as Wang Mingtao’s family.

Tomorrow would be the Chinese New Year. Today, there would be a bullock cart by Wang Qingshan going to the town. Many people wanted to follow and just stroll around.

Qinghe Brigade was not too far away from the town. At this time, the people did not have much entertainment, but were more keen to go out and have a look.

Zhang Xiaohui, Gu Ruoqing and Old Madam Zhang took the bullock cart and looked for Wang Guozhu.

Everyone in the car looked at Zhang Xiaohui, and their eyes were always on her belly intentionally or unintentionally.

Everyone was wearing thick clothes now. No one could tell whether Zhang Xiaohui was pregnant from her fat cotton jacket.

But they all saw her pregnancy reactions.

Her reactions were extremely severe due to the drug that Gu Qingyao gave her. She vomited frequently and always slept. She also ate a lot.

The Zhang family had been taking care of her. If it weren’t for the stuff that Wang Guozhu offered, Old Madam Zhang could not tolerate it further.

Zhang Xiaohui ate a lot and vomited after every meal. She was lazy and was not willing to do any work. She really wanted her to get married in order to get some offerings in return.

Wang Guozhu was generous when he first knew that Zhang Xiaohui was pregnant and bought her many things. Old Madam Zhang could also benefit from that. However, Wang Guozhu did not offer anything recently and Old Madam Zhang was not pleased by that.

She wanted to look for Wang Guozhu for stuff for Chinese New Year.

When the bullock cart arrived at the county seat, Mrs. Zhang accompanied Zhang Xiaohui to find Wang Guozhu.

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Wang Guozhu was so angry with Zhou Hong that she did not even return home now.

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