Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 149 - Making Dumplings!

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Chapter 149: Making Dumplings!

When he saw Gu Yunshen’s expression, Gu Jinlin knew he was loath to allow Gu Qingyao to work in the fields.

Yao Yao was the darling of their family. No one could bear to see her suffer.

Gu Jinlin said, “If you build a new house, people will probably gossip. Just let Yao Yao go back with me. Eldest Uncle’s family is in the north, Second Uncle’s family is in the south, but my family is right in town and is the nearest. It will be more convenient for her to make return trips.

“It’s best if Yao Yao lives with us. She will have five older cousins! If we older cousins are a little more thrifty, I’m sure we can support a little girl like her!”

Gu Yunshen truly could not bear his daughter to suffer at home. He sighed and said, “I doubt we can build a new house. All of you are away and your grandparents are getting on in years. I have to take care of them. We can just stay together. We won’t separate unless we have no choice.

“As for Yao Yao, if we have no other choice, then let her leave with you! At least she will gain some experience of city life. When the weather turns colder, she can return to stay for a while. There are so many older folks here, Yao Yao will benefit from temporarily staying in the village.”

Gu Jinlin thought about it and said, “That will work. As long as Yao Yao is willing, she can join our family. Her food rations and accounts can be transferred there. If she wants to come back, she can stay for a while without taking a portion of the brigade’s food. In that way, she won’t have to work.”

Gu Yunshen agreed.

Anyway, his daughter had plenty of things on hand. She would not lack for food. He had educated his daughter and she need not do physical labor.

Meanwhile, Gu Qingyao was in her interspace, secretly preparing her supplies.

She packed rice, flour, grain and oil in small portions of a few kilograms each so that they could be taken out conveniently.

It was almost the new year and the black market would be bustling. She wanted to visit it again before the new year. She also had to pay back Zhang Xiaohui and for that, she needed to bring her schedule forward. She must find a way to meet Zhou Hong.

Zhang Xiaohui wanted to marry Wang Guozhu?


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It wouldn’t be that easy!

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