Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 145 - Slaughtering The Pigs and Distributing the Meat

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Chapter 145: Slaughtering The Pigs and Distributing the Meat

She had not planted too many fruit trees. After all, time was different in the interspace, and the fruits grew especially fast.

She had sixteen apple trees and would pick them every fortnight. She could not figure out how the days and seasons in the interspace worked. In any case, things here grew continually and it was like spring all the time.

She had more peach trees, which occupied about an acre of land, and quite a few strawberry plants, but only two grapevines. The vines were particularly prolific and spread through a large area. She had sold many of them over the decades of her previous life. But at this time, she still kept a lot of them in her interspace.

She spent a long time before she finally harvested all the fruits. Then she began to dry and bottle them.

These were her specialty. In her previous life, she had started a business to sell these. She had sold them for a particularly high price, but business was still brisk.

As she did in her previous life, she made them and stored them. They would surely come in handy one day.

She could not do much by herself. After busying herself for some time, she took out a piece of paper to practice her drawing and calligraphy.

Because she was afraid of meeting others, she had mostly stayed at home in her previous life. But her family had educated her since she was young. Also, almost all the old people who were sent to work in the cowshed were the best in their professions, and she had learnt a lot from them.

Calligraphy and drawing were two of the things she had learnt. She had even learnt embroidery from one of the old ladies, and her work was excellent.

But landscape painting was Gu Qingyao’s favorite. She had gone to many places in her previous life. Every time she went to a new place, she particularly enjoyed the process of sketching it.

Gu Qingyao smiled when she looked at the scene she had sketched.

These were the fruits of decades of practice from her previous life. Right now, she was only 15 years old, and should not be so skillful. She must be careful the next time she visited the old people.

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Gu Qingyao arose early the next morning. Today was the day the brigade was slaughtering the pigs and distributing the meat. This year, the brigade had experienced some delays, so they were doing it later than they had in previous years.

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