Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 131 - Let Me Clear My Throat And Begin My Performance (1)

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Chapter 131: Let Me Clear My Throat And Begin My Performance (1)

Gu Yunshen would not be swayed. “Impossible. I certainly won’t divorce you. The elder uncles in the Gu family are well connected. With us, Qing Qing will be able to make a good match. If she depends on your Zhang family, her life will be ruined!

“We can get a divorce if you want, but you must wait for two years. When the two young girls have grown up and are married, then I certainly won’t stop you if you want a divorce.”


“I must have a divorce now. Gu Yunshen, if you refuse to listen to me, I will make life difficult for your family…”

An argument slowly brewed in the room. Gu Qingyao, who was outside, could clearly hear everything. It looked as if her father was well aware of what had happened, and he probably had a plan.

Better that he refuse!

Of course, he could not give in so easily. He must first publicize Zhang Xiaohui’s scandal before he filed for divorce.

But looking at the Zhang family’s attitude, this would probably drag on for only a few more days, likely concluding before the new year.

Gu Qingyao relaxed when she thought of that. She would have a happy new year.

When she saw her third elder brother’s angry expression, Gu Qingyao hastily dragged him into the room to explain. She told him that her father actually had no objections. To retain a person like Zhang Xiaohui in the family would be detrimental to their grandparents in the long run.

If she really wanted to leave, they must allow her to leave. Or something bad would certainly happen.

After a while, Zhang Xiaohui found that she could not reach an agreement with Gu Yunshen. She was so angry she flung the door open and exited. The two of them said several more nasty things before they left.

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Gu Qingyao watched them leave. When Gu Yunshen emerged, Gu Qingyao said, “Father, I heard everything!”

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