Realm of Myths and Legends


Chapter 574 - Izroth's Test, Niflheim's Response!

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Chapter 574 - Izroth's Test, Niflheim's Response!

Izroth had not been in a state this bad since his fight against Sage during the second team's selection. However, his condition could be considered as good compared to Niflheim's.

Niflheim was covered in two to three times as many wounds as Izroth. He took long semi-controlled breaths as he tried to bring order to his breathing, but his limits were fast approaching.

29 hours—this was the longest Niflheim had ever fought nonstop in RML, and the toll was a lot greater than he imagined. Even with the fatigue-reducing effects of the Ocean Rejuvenation Pill he consumed while still a Captain of Blue Oasis, Niflheim found himself out of breath and ready to collapse at any given moment.

The only thing that prevented him from doing so was his wager against Izroth. No matter what, he had to see things through until the very end!

As for the current results of their wager...

[Izroth Lives Remaining: 84/100]

[Niflheim Lives Remaining: 2/100]

It was a completely one-sided match up. Niflheim had come nowhere close to the number of lives Izroth had remaining. To make matters even worse, every death Izroth experienced was a direct result of him covering for Niflheim, who was low on lives during the latter end of the challenge. In reality, all sixteen of Izroth's deaths belonged to Niflheim—a crushing defeat.

"You should give up and cancel the wager, Niflheim. You have seen the difference in our strength with your own eyes. There is a zero percent chance of you winning this wager. Give up, and admit your defeat. Surrender, and not only will I accept your request, but I will even revoke my request as the victor. All you have to do is say two words—I surrender. This is the last time I will make this offer. Do not waste it." Izroth said indifferently.

Izroth had been pushing Niflheim to surrender for the past several hours. It was not that he enjoyed bullying or taunting Niflheim. But, Izroth saw no better opportunity than now to truly test him.

After countless hours of fighting under a high-stress environment, getting repeatedly told that he should give up, being mentally drained, and on the losing end of a one-sided wager—how would he respond?

This was Izroth's final test for Niflheim, and he hoped not to be disappointed.

Niflheim held firm and rejected Izroth's "offer" at every point, but this time was different. The situation for him was hopeless, with no path to victory in sight. Under his less than fortunate circ.u.mstances, Izroth was handing Niflheim a free way out—well, almost free. There was an intangible price, which was Niflheim's spirit.

The moment he accepted Izroth's offer, Niflheim's competitive spirit would be damaged, and he would be trading one lingering regret for another. However, if he could resist grabbing the tempting olive branch Izroth placed before him as he endlessly sunk in his present state, there would still be a long road ahead of him in RML.

"... Up..." Niflheim muttered.


"I said... Shut up! As in, you talk too much! The last two hours have been nothing but give up, surrender, give up, surrender...! I've told you once before, and I'll tell you again, my answer is no! You can ask a thousand more times, and my answer will still be no! So you can take your offer and shove it right up your a-"


Out of nowhere, the hissing sound of steam could be heard coming from the golden puppets. Simultaneously, the temperature in the room started to climb at an alarming rate! In less than a breath of time, the temperature had gone from a mellow feeling of warmth to a blazing summer's day.

As if his mind had just caught up to his mouth, Niflheim snapped out of it and seemed to realize how he had just spoken to Izroth.

"I-" Niflheim wanted to apologize for his unprofessional and immature behavior; however, he could not find the right words in his moment of embarrassment. He had not lost his composure and temper like that since the early days of his professional gaming career!

But, against Niflheim's expectations, he faced Izroth only to find a carefree smile on his face. For the first time since the wager started, there was no wrath, coldness, or indifference.

"I've received your message loud and clear, Niflheim. A man needs to know when to retreat, as well as when not to retreat and stand his ground—even if the odds are stacked against him. Adversity shows no mercy, and at times, we must return the favor." Izroth stated.

He then faced the golden puppets and continued, "Though I have to say, I never expected your language to be one so colorful."

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Niflheim's eyes widened in shock as his clouded mind cleared up and realization set in. As a result, he could not help but release a deep sigh.

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