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Chapter 895 - Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (65)

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Chapter 895 Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (65)

Bai Weiwei sighed to the system: “This is too upright to work, ah. Looking at punishments for betrayal; Shouldn’t it be to dig out the heart or uterus, otherwise to kill your whole family and make you a one-stop sexual abuse service. This man has the blood of merfolk kings descended from sharks, how hasn’t he learned at all.”

The system shuddered, “Who treats betrayal so cruelly, why haven’t I seen it?”

Bai Weiwei silently held up the book in her hand.

《The Cold CEO’s Darling Pet: Love You, Love To Torment You.》

System: “……”

When she heard the sound of the breaking water, she immediately stuffed the book back, and pulled out a profound looking text on the field of biology.

Suddenly, a lofty and tall figure stood up.

Wake was wet, but he wore a pair of loose trousers outside before he walked in.

He saw her bowing her head seriously to read.

It was her book on her profession.

Was she still attached to the land? So she still wasn’t willing to let go of her profession.

Wake’s golden eyes were deep, yet he said nothing.

Bai Weiwei seemed to have just discovered him, “Wake, come over.”

Wake glanced at her frigidly, and finally reluctantly approached.

Bai Weiwei picked up a towel, gently wiped his hair for him, and softly said: “Don’t be improper, if you always have wet hair, when you get older your head will hurt.”

Merfolks were creatures of water.

If they weren’t wet they’d die.

Wake tightened his expression, not saying anything.

Bai Weiwei lowered her head, and tenderly pressed his scalp.

Wake bent his neck, he was so comfortable, yet he didn’t want her to know.

“Wake, you know what? The Merfolks’ Heart has a secret, and last time I took it because I wanted to study it.”

Speaking about the Merfolks’ Heart.

Wake’s expression dramatically changed, he gritted his teeth and his eyes chilled.

“You really should get the Merfolks’ Heart for me, okay?”

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She exhausted herself thinking of ways to make him trust her, to like her.

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