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An Zhixiao - Calm Understanding - 安知晓

Chapter 1731 - Little Angel Only Drinks Dew

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Chapter 1731 - Little Angel Only Drinks Dew

"…" Ye Tingyun was speechless.

Everyone's attention was on them. Ye Tingyun carried Ye Chu and stood in the park, surrounded by onlookers. He seemed to be able to see a tinge of sarcasm that said 'watch your daughter' from the eyes of the who walked past. The corners of Ye Tingyun's lips were pulled up. He was polite.

"Sorry, sorry…"

Ye Chu embraced Ye Tingyun. She closed her eyes and had the look of fear that no matter what, she would not open her eyes.

"…" Xiao Ju was dumbstruck.

Wei Ling said, "Was a radar installed on her body? Her eyes were blind, and yet she could still sense where the dog was. Only one distinguished guest barked. Why did she scream? Wasn't she shameful? It is the first time Second Master has been surrounded by onlookers."

Xiao Ju said, "Miss Ye Chu is so afraid of dogs."

"Humph." Wei Ling humphed and did not talk. He used actions to reply. Xiao Ju was a little touched and enlightened. Dogs are so cute. Miss Ye Chu actually doesn't like them. It's such a pity.

Ye Tingyun carried her and left the Tibetan mastiff. He went the other way. Although Ye Chu was 1.5 meters, he was also tall enough. Even if she was really his daughter, this position of carrying her was a little vulgar. When people saw it, they wanted to call the police. It was just not appropriate. He tried to put Ye Chu down, but Ye Chu used strength in both her legs and was just unwilling to come down. "I don't want to, I don't want… "

He hit her on her b.u.t.t. "Don't move!"

Ye Chu hung by his side. Her body was practically hanging in front of him and wriggling continuously. Men were really animals without any moral principles. He only felt all his blood rus.h.i.+ng downwards.

Ye Tingyun took a deep breath. He carried Ye Chu and sat on the chair. He took a deep breath to calm his writhing body. Ye Chu secretly opened one eye and did not see the Tibetan mastiff. She realized that the place had changed. She maintained her composure and heaved a sigh of relief. She lowered her head and bit him.

Ye Tingyun said, "You are afraid of dogs, but you are born in the year of the dog."

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She always liked to bite him.

Ye Tingyun's deep breathing suppressed that evil fire in his heart. She did not know how dangerous her actions were just now. It was filled with s.e.xual cues. Rubbing a man's shoulders was such a dangerous matter. It gave people s.p.a.ce for unlimited, wild, and fanciful thoughts.

"Let's go home after breathing in some fresh air."


There were really many people walking their dogs in the park. Ye Chu was in no mood to take a stroll in the park. After a short while, she said, "Let's go home. I am a little angel. I can just drink dew and not breathe in air."

"…" Ye Tingyun was speechless.

These words were learned from little Tong Hua.

He also heard Tong Hua say last time, I am a little angel child.. I only drink dew.

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