Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith


Chapter 2547 - Don’t be too self-abased (6)

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Chapter 2547: Don’t be too self-abased (6)

Huang Yueli gave off a soft shrill as she sensed herself being carried by her man, placing her gently on the soft mattress by the side which was used for resting purposes.

This time round there shouldn’t be any problem!

Although it was a little embarrassing to be intimate in the study room, but now it didn’t seem like there was much time to haggle over this…

Huang Yueli was both anxious and excited as she let her thoughts run wild but she suddenly discovered that after Li Moying put her down, he did not lean over as she had expected but instead he stood right up again!

Just like what happened during the past few nights after their wedding, he was prepared to flee once again!

Seeing Li Moying shooting like an arrow to the entrance, Huang Yueli gave a cold humph, “Stop there!”

However, Li Moying didn’t stop but instead dashed out directly.

Huang Yueli was crying out in rage as she leapt upwards and chased after him!

Li Moying heard the footsteps behind him but instead of stopping, he speeded up.

“Young Sect Master Li, what’s going on? You’re running so fast, if there a ghost chasing after you?:

One of them was pursuing while the other was escaping and they charged right outside the study room, totally not paying any attention that there was someone else along the corridor.

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At this moment when they heard someone speaking, Huang Yueli’s footsteps took a halt as she looked astonishedly at the corner, and saw Li Buyan.

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