Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith


Chapter 2113 - Huang Yueli advances (7)

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Chapter 2113: Huang Yueli advances (7)

At the same time, in Mythical Flame Palace.

Chi Xiao Jiu’s hands were placed behind his back as he gazed towards Blue Profound Sect’s directly, brows slightly creased.

“Strange, today Blue Profound Sect actually emits such vigorous Profound Energy fluctuations that even This Seat is able to sense it in Mythical Flame Palace, could it be that…. Blue Profound Sect is going to give birth to another new ninth stage realm practitioner? Ever since Mu Chengying came out of his closed door seclusion…hmm… isn’t Blue Profound Sect recovering a little too fast?!”

He was filled with anxiety when suddenly, a cold cough was heard from behind.

Chi Xiao Jiu’s back instantly became stiff as he turned around and knelt down in terror towards the man who was walking over.

“I… I didn’t know that Lord Zhan has visited personally, This Subordinate…. is guilty for not being able to receive you in person…”

The person who walked over is a man with a tall frame and he was dressed in a maroon coloured long robe. In the dark night, his long robe fluttered with the wind and the maroon colour seemed as though it was traces of dried blood, making one grew fear in their hearts whereas his face was covered with a hideous phantom mask, concealing his entire face which made one unable to see his genuine looks clearly.

The imposing manner from him was apparently ninth stage realm peak, and it was not yielding to Mu Chengying’s peak ability back then.

Chi Xiao Jiu’s words had just ended when he heard a “thud” as a slender figure knelt down behind him.

Chi Xiao Jiu took a clear look to discover that Ling Qing Yu had unknowingly been caught by the mysterious man.

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The two who knelt down side by side were observing the almighty Lord Zhan in fear and trepidation but with the mask in the way, there was no way to guess what he was thinking at all.

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