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Cheng Jiu

Chapter 591.2 - Insight, look down (Part 1)

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Chapter 591: Insight, look down (Part 1)

When it regards the face, strength… … or shamelessness, compared to Xiao Tianyao, Lin Chujiu was nothing at all. So in the end, she could only succumb to Xiao Tianyao’s high prestige. She climbed into bed obediently to change his dressing.


Xiao Tianyao has never been an easy-going person. He has always an aggressive person. Especially when it was related to Lin Chujiu. Xiao Tianyao has made progress inch by inch.

Lin Chujiu climbed onto the bed and motioned to Xiao Tianyao to sit up so that she could put a bandage on him, but… Xiao Wangye didn’t cooperate at all. He looked away and said proudly: “Benwang is tired, just do it like this.”

“You are lying down, how can I remove it?” Lin Chujiu cried without tears. He wanted her to remove the bandage while lying down?

Xiao Tianyao finally turned a page of the book in his hand and at the same time glanced at Lin Chujiu: “Benwang believes you can do it.”

Then, he continued reading and continued ignoring Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu knelt, sat in front of Xiao Tianyao, and stared at him with wide eyes… …

Why was Xiao Tianyao getting more and more shameless?

Does it feel good?

“Wangye…” Lin Chujiu cried depressedly, but Xiao Tianyao ignored her.

“Wangye…” Lin Chujiu raised her voice, but Xiao Tianyao still ignored her.

Lin Chujiu was helpless, “Wangye, what do you want?”

“It’s what you want, not what benwang wants.” Xiao Tianyao glared at Lin Chujiu and said angrily: “Woman, you are really hard to serve.”

After a while, a certain uncle finally sat up a bit, and then looked at Lin Chujiu with a cold expression: “Are you satisfied now?”

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Can I say that I am not satisfied?

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