Princess Medical Doctor

Cheng Jiu

Chapter 573.2 - : If they don’t fight, the weakness (Part 2)

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Chapter 573: If they don’t fight, the weakness (Part 2)

*Sobbing* They didn’t want to fight at all, they didn’t know what was going on. They went to the battlefield and pointed their swords at the Jinwuwei Army in a daze.

They admitted that they were happy to see the Jinwuwei Army, who always had a dignified-looking face, faced a big enemy. They felt comfortable and felt that in the end, the Jinwuwei Army was just like this, but… …

They just thought about it in their hearts, they didn’t dare to fight against the Jinwuwei Army at all!

Upon hearing this, one of the generals of the Eastern Army immediately returned to his senses and turned his head to rectify: “Don’t listen to Xiao Wangye’s nonsense. Xiao Wangye killed the three martial gods of the Central Empire and wounded the eldest prince. He disobeyed the imperial decree and committed rebellion. This general was ordered to arrest Xiao Wangye and bring him back to the capital to make him pay for his crime.”

This general was a well-known individual. The soldiers under his hands will not be guilty of fighting. Although the generals of the Eastern Army were straw bags, they can still stand up at the critical moment. Just like when he came up with this reason.

“Xiao Wangye rebelled, if you kill the Jinwuwei Army, and capture Xiao Wangye, you will be rewarded.” The general of the Eastern Army continued shouting. The general of the Northern Army was not willing to be outdone: “We received an order to the Central Empire. The emperor ordered us to assist the Eastern Army in capturing Xiao Wangye. Once Xiao Wangye has been captured, we will immediately retreat and promise never to attack the Eastern Country again.”

To win against Xiao Tianyao, the general of the Northern Army also worked hard, and even promised never to attack the Eastern Country again, but… …

Is the promise made by a general of the Northern Country useful?

No need to mention the promise made by the Northern Country, even if the emperor of the Northern Country made a promise it was simply a fart!

Promises were not meant to be fulfilled but were meant to be broken. How can the people in the Northern Country live if they stop looting the East Country’s border?

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But at this moment, many soldiers in Eastern Army believed it. They believed that the Northern Army would not attack the Eastern Country ever again. They believed that if the Eastern and Northern Army joined forces to capture Xiao Tianyao, the anger of the Central Empire will be quelled.

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