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Chapter 516 – First Day!

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Chapter 516 – First Day!

3rd June.

Fen Zhou City, Nan Shan District.

The sun is bright, and it’s a hot and stuffy morning. Crickets and birds are chipping noisily on the trees along the road. A few old men were playing chess and admiring their birds in cages hang on the tree branches. A few middle-aged women were exercising in the exercise area outside of an estate. A road sign, “Huai An Yi Li,” is by the roadside, and kids play around them. This is a sharp contrast from the busy streets outside.

A taxi stopped near the entrance.

Dong Xuebing carried his luggage and got off the taxi. He smiles as he looks around and saw the laidback estate.

“Sir, can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“Which area is under Guang Ming Subdistrict Office?”

“This area, Guang Ming North Street, Guang Ming South Street, and everything you see here is under Guang Ming Subdistrict.

“Oh, thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

The old man replied Dong Xuebing and continued to watch others play chess.

Dong Xuebing took a stroll along the street. Huai An Yi Li, Huai An Er Li, Huai An Kindergarten. Guang Ming Estate, Guang Ming Street Junior School, 13 City Middle School, South Street Garden, North Street Plaza, Farmers’ Market, Clothing business street, etc. Dong Xuebing spent a few hours wandering about his Subdistrict and realized this is a big area. The population is at least more than 90,000 to 100,000. He is satisfied as this place is much better than Yan Tai County. His authority and responsibility are bigger now, and he suddenly felt the pressure.

It’s time to report.

Dong Xuebing parked his Cayenne at a basement carpark in Nan Shan District. He took a taxi to avoid unwanted attention.


Before noon.

District Party Committee Building.

Many people are walking in and out of the compound, and some look like Leaders. Dong Xuebing had memorized his superiors’ resumes from the District Government’s website before coming. Still, he could not recognize anyone of them. That’s why he did not greet anyone.

The guards went up to Dong Xuebing. “Who are you looking for?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Is this Nan Shan District Party Committee? I am here to report to the Organization Department.”

“… here to report?”

The guard is stunned. He knew a Subdistrict Director would be reporting for duty today and also heard the Director is young. But he did not expect the young man in front of him is the Director because he looks too young. This person should be in his mid-twenties, and how can someone become a Subdistrict Director at his age? The guard knows about the situation at Nan Shan District, and this guy should be the youngest Subdistrict Director. He did not stop Dong Xuebing and allowed him to enter. “Please walk along this path, and the Organization Department is on the third floor of that office building.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

After Dong Xuebing enters, the guard quickly calls the Organization Department to inform them.

District Party Committee Office Building.

Dong Xuebing did not go to the Organization Department first. Instead, he went to the District Party Secretary’s Office and knocks on the secretary’s door. The District Party Secretary has a nice name, Wang Anshi, and he was the one who issued the transfer order. That’s why Dong Xuebing must meet Secretary Wang first and see if he can join his clique. He is alone in the District and will have to face the issue of joining a faction. If he can join the District Party Secretary’s faction, it will be easier to carry out his work. He does not want to make more enemies.

Dong Xuebing has this intention, but the other party doesn’t seem to be interested.

There are three people in the secretary’s office, and Dong Xuebing does not know which one is Wang Anshi’s secretary. He introduced himself, and a man, in his early thirties, took a glance at him and told him Secretary Wang is in a meeting. His reply is not cold, but it’s not welcoming either.

The secretary’s attitude reflects the Leader’s attitude.

After leaving the secretary’s office, Dong Xuebing knows the District Secretary is not interested in pulling him into his faction. Maybe Xiang Daofa had told him something.

Dong Xuebing shook his head and went to the Organization Department.

Knock, knock….

“Come in.”

“Chief Xue, I’m Dong Xuebing and is here to report to you.”

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District Party Committee Member and Organization Department Chief, Xue Qingrong, is fatty in his late forties and has a bulging tummy and receding hairline. He has a bright smile, giving others a friendly impression. “Director Dong, hahaha… I had heard about your achievements in Yan Tai County. You are a promising young man, and Nan Shan District has been waiting for you. Come and have a seat.”

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