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Chapter 347 – The first obstacle!

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Chapter 347 – The first obstacle!


Dong Xuebing closed the file he was reading and went downstairs to the cafeteria beside the office building to have lunch. The cafeteria is small and old. It is not like other government departments where they have multiple cafeterias. Here, all the leaders and staff have to eat at the same place. Dong Xuebing got his food and sat by the windows. He ate slowly, and the other staff sat far from him. This is the respect and fear they had for Dong Xuebing. Even the leaders don’t dare to share a table with Dong Xuebing or sit near him.

News of Dong Xuebing stripping Lui Dafa’s authority within an hour after he was appointed had spread.

Chief Dong’s first move is swift and ruthless, making everyone fear him.

While eating, some staff members were discussing the changes that the Agency will face.

Dong Xuebing looked at the staff and knew he had established his authority. After lunch, he returned to his office and waited for the staff to return to work. When lunchtime is over, Dong Xuebing walks out of his office and walks towards Business Section One’s office. This morning, the staff, who were chatting and surfing the net, were reading documents, and some were calling investors. Their attitude is much better compared to the morning.

“Huh? Chief Dong.”


“Chief Dong.”

The staff saw Dong Xuebing and quickly put their work aside to greet him.

Dong Xuebing nodded and waved. “Carry on with your work.”

See… this is the result of establishing authority.

Dong Xuebing continued his way upstairs. He decided to take a look at the Office Department. But when he got upstairs, he overheard Lui Dafa speaking to the staff members in the office. Dong Xuebing wonders if Lui Dafa is pretending, or he did adjust his attitude, as Lui Dafa is laughing and chatting happily with some staff. Dong Xuebing could also hear Deputy Office Director Dan Enguo’s voice.

Dan Enguo said. “Chief Lui, this year’s promotion materials…

Lui Dafa interrupted. “Xiao Liu had done a good job previously. Let him handle it again.”

A young man replied. “Thank you, Chief Lui.”

Lui Dafa laughed. “Haha… work hard, and let’s try our best to get better results this year.”

Someone asked. “Chief Lui, err…. I heard there will be changes to the Office Department’s bonus? Is the Business Section Office’s commission really going to be lowered?”

Lui Dafa replied. “I am not sure. We will just do what the Chief says.”

That man asked. “But the bonus structure had always been like this. Why must it change suddenly?”

Dong Xuebing did not enter the office and continued his way up to his office on the fourth floor. During the meeting earlier, he had only asked the Office Director to directly report to him instead of Lui Dafa. But he had not removed Lui Dafa’s authority over the Office Department. This authority cannot be removed so suddenly. All Dong Xuebing can do is slowly remove Lui Dafa’s influence within the Agency and not remove him from his position. Also, from Lui Dafa’s expression at the meeting, Dong Xuebing knew he will retaliate against him. The way Lui Dafa smiled and chatted with the staff in the Office is his way of retaliation.

Such things are very common in government offices.

Just like the County Party Committee meeting previously. Executive Deputy Mayor Zhou Pingzhi had switched sides at the last minute and backstabbed Xie Huilan. It’s not whether if the subordinate dares to go against their superiors. It is about whether if the subordinate has the influence and backing to go against them. Zhou Pingzhi must have the support of Xiang Daofa, and that’s why he dares to do that. Lui Dafa’s backing is Publicity Department’s Head, Chen Tongbing… or even Xiang Daofa. That’s why he dares to go against Dong Xuebing openly.

Knock… knock…

Dong Xuebing stopped thinking about this. “Come in.”

The door opens, and Luo Haiting entered.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Director Luo? Is there any problem?”

Luo Haiting walks over with a smile. She had regained control over her Office department, and she is still excited and shocked by Dong Xuebing’s swift and ruthless methods. Her position within the Agency is more secure and has higher authority now. These are what she wanted, and her respect for Dong Xuebing increased. She knew she had made the right move by leaning towards Dong Xuebing, but at the same time, she is worried about Dong Xuebing. Lui Dafa is not someone who can be bullied.

“Chief, I had brought some staff’s particulars over for you.”

“Their particulars?” Dong Xuebing looks at Luo Haiting.

Luo Haiting passed the files to Dong Xuebing. “Our usual practice is for you to pick a secretary from the Office Department to assist you with your duties. These are my recommendations. They are capable and very smart. If you want any one of them, I will bring them over to see you.”

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“Oh… Let me look at their files first. Thank You, Director Luo.”

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