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Chapter 345 – Meeting!

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Chapter 345 – Meeting!

County Investment Promotion Agency.

Fourth floor, Investment Promotion Agency’s Chief Office.

The door is opened, and Dong Xuebing stepped in from the office outside. He immediately felt something different. His office is well furnished with a leather sofa and chair. The desk is made from solid wood, and the office has an antique bookshelf. It must be either Meng Xianglin or the Chief before him that renovated this office. Dong Xuebing looks around and saw another door within the office. It is a resting room and has a bed inside. Dong Xuebing is satisfied with his office, and after all, who wants to work in a rundown environment?

Suddenly, there are some movements inside the resting room.

Dong Xuebing was surprised to see someone inside, and it’s a woman!

Dong Xuebing could only see her back, and men’s butt is not like this big.

Dong Xuebing walks closer and saw it as a middle-aged woman in her forties. She should have dyed her hair as it is very black. From her side profile, she is not ugly, and she wore light makeup. There are some freckles on her face, and has a big butt. This woman did not notice Dong Xuebing and is cleaning a table with a rag.

“You are?” Dong Xuebing asked.

Luo Haiting turned around in shock and forced a smile. “Chief Dong, you are here? I am the Office Director, Luo Haiting. It’s been a few days, and it had been dusty. So, I decided to help you clean up your office. Sorry. I didn’t hear you coming in.” Actually, Luo Haiting had heard Dong Xuebing. No matter how soft Dong Xuebing’s footsteps are, she can also hear it. She just wanted to leave a good impression with Dong Xuebing.

Luo Haiting?

Office Director?

Dong Xuebing knows her as he had done his homework. Luo Haiting is one of the leaders in the Investment Promotion Agency with lots of authority. Her office is in-charge of finance, promotional materials, filing, etc. Dong Xuebing smiled. “Director Luo, don’t bother with the cleaning. Just get the cleaners to do it. Haha… let’s have a chat outside. Do you want some tea?”

“No… I will prepare the tea.”

Luo Haiting does not dare to let Dong Xuebing brew tea for her. She immediately went out and pour a cup of tea for Dong Xuebing. Serving the leaders is part of her job.

The tea is fragrant, and Dong Xuebing can feel Luo Haiting’s enthusiasm.

Luo Haiting is the first person in the Investment Promotion Agency to lean towards Dong Xuebing. He has a good impression of her. He chatted with her for a while and asked about the current situation within the Agency. Luo Haiting kept a smile on her face the whole time. Although she has some wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, she is still very attractive.

“Oh…” Dong Xuebing suddenly asked. “I had walked around the building and notice the staff does not look very keen to work. Some of them are chatting, and some are surfing the net.”

Luo Haiting quickly replied. “I will reprimand them later. It might because it is still Lunar New Year, and they are still in celebration mood.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “I can understand that.”

Luo Haiting saw Dong Xuebing is not angry and felt her new boss is quite friendly.

They chatted for a while, and Luo Haiting expressed her intentions. “Chief Dong, I will work hard under your leadership and make sure the back office will be your biggest support. I will strive to contribute my 100% to the Investment Promotion Agency.”

Dong Xuebing nodded in his heart.

Luo Haiting looked at Dong Xuebing and said. “I shall not disturb you anymore. If you need anything, please let me know.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Sister Luo, I am new here, and I will need your support in the future.”

Luo Haiting heard Dong Xuebing calling her Sister Luo and is overjoyed. “Just call me Xiao Luo will do.”

Luo Haiting is about the same age as Dong Xuebing’s mother, and her children should be about Dong Xuebing’s age. Although Dong Xuebing is the head of this department and can call her Xiao Luo, he cannot do that. “Oh, there is one more thing. I was officially appointed one day before Lunar New Year, and after that, it is the holidays. I still have not made my appointment announcement. Can you help me arrange a simple meeting?”

Luo Haiting had made the arrangements beforehand. “Is 10 am fine with you?”

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Dong Xuebing looks at his watch. It’s 9.30am, and he still has thirty minutes. “Thank you. Sorry to trouble you.”

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