Poison Genius Consort

Jie Mo, 芥沫

zChapter 1252 - [YeXi] Once loved

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Chapter 1252: [YeXi] Once loved

Little Rui’er picked up the abacus as Han Yunxi’s heart seized up. If she lost, she would have to eat Long Feiye’s cooked noodles! Had Long Feiye ever cooked in his life? Did he even know how?

Han Yunxi was beyond anxious, but her son only played with the abacus curiously while being clueless to its purpose. Soon he grew tired of it, however, and went walking to little Tang Tang with it in hand.

Does he think the abacus is a toy?

“That’s not—” Han Yunxi’s cry was cut off as Long Feiye squeezed her hand tight, scaring her into shutting up before he crushed her fingers. She looked back only to see him grinning while gazing at his precious son.

As expected, Rui’er treated the abacus as a toy and gave it to little Tang Tang. “Yours,” he declared.

Tang Tang had seen her mother play on the abacus before and naturally loved it.

“You, don’t want it?” she asked.

“Don’t wanna!” Rui’er’s words were a death sentence to Han Yunxi. Long Feiye patted her hand before releasing her.

“Rui’er, do you want everything else?” Long Feiye finally deigned to speak.

Although Rui’er wanted many things, he had gazed upon the lot and studied them extensively. His eyes swept over the spread again before he confirmed, “Mhm!”

“Hahaha!” Long Feiye was in a great mood. “Good! Excellent!”

Rui’er wasn’t clear on their bets or why his father was so thrilled. He simply picked up two books from the ground and ran to Gu Beiyue so the doctor could show him the words. If Rui’er finally understood what had happened one day, he would definitely despite this group of adults who had nothing better to do in the middle of the night, including his high and mighty father!

Long Feiye, Gu Beiyue, and Ning Jing were all winners. Long Feiye leaned towards Han Yunxi and whispered in her ear, “Empress, tomorrow Zhen will personally cook you a bowl of noodles. Just wait.”

Han Yunxi’s expression was stiff. “Chenqie…chenqie thanks Your Majesty for your grace.”

The all around victory left Long Feiye’s happy heart in higher spirits. Han Yunxi’s aggrieved expression only pleased him more and he laughed out loud.

Ning Jing didn’t have to speak as Tang Li docilely murmured, “Jing Jing, I really don’t have much private funds. I’m already yours, much less my money.”

“What are you so nervous for?” Ning Jing retorted.

“I’m not nervous, just…” Tang Li had no rebuff. He and Ning Jing had always kept their expenses separate. It wasn’t a big deal for Ning Jing to hold the purse strings, but her shrewdness was an issue. He would have to apply to her for all spending money in the future. Was it still possible to buy as much as he liked?

While the winners celebrated, the losers felt depressed. Gu Beiyue was in no rush to make Gu Qishao pay up. Gu Qishao didn’t mind losing to him either, because he’d bet something even bigger with Mu Linger! Currently, he was staring at the girl, who returned his look with a sweet smile. To everyone’s eyes, she looked extremely happy. At last, Gu Qishao couldn’t stand it anymore and demanded loudly, “Zhao mama, what did that Ling lass bet on? Let me have a look!”

Everyone realized that the winner between Mu Linger and Gu Qishao was still unknown! Although Gu Qishao had lost, it was possible Mu Linger lost too.

“Linger, what did you bet on?” Han Yunxi asked curiously. “Did you win?”

Mu Linger only grinned and said nothing.

“Looks like you did?” Han Yunxi was delighted. “What did you bet on with your Qi gege?”

Mu Linger’s smile turned devious, making Gu Qishao’s hair stand on end.

“Heheh, we bet that if I won, Qi gege would kiss me once. If I lost, I’ll be Qi gege’s godsister!”

Mu Linger’s words nearly sent Han Yunxi tumbling off her chair. Long Feiye looked in disbelief at Gu Qishao. Where did he get the confidence that he wouldn’t lost?

Gu Beiyue and the rest remained silent as they looked towards the notes in Zhao mama’s hands. Victory or defeat hinged on this moment!

Zhao mama gave her paper to Gu Qishao, who was too hesitant to take it immediately.

“Qi gege, do you dare?” Mu Linger chuckled.

Gu Qishao knit his brows at her and immediately snatched the paper, only to see…that Mu Linger had written none other than “books of classics!”

Right now, Rui’er was holding one of them as he leaned against Gu Beiyue!

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“Qi gege, I’ve won, right?” Mu Linger asked loudly.

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