Peerless Battle Spirit

Supreme Villain, 极品妖孽

Chapter 1810 - Tiny World of Profound Water

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Chapter 1810 - Tiny World of Profound Water

Qin Nan looked at Long Xuanling and the others.

The man had been trying to hunt him down ever since he knew he was related to the Drought Demon Heaven God. He even went as far as chasing him all the way from the Shangxingtian Small Immortal Realm to the Fourth Small Immortal Realm.

He could not afford to let the man go, even if it meant giving up on the chance to acquire the succession.

“Hehe, Qin Nan, it’s time to settle the debt between us.”

Long Xuanling laughed hysterically. He looked at the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor, Yuanji, and the others with a gentle smile and said, “Fellow cultivators, I don’t personally hold any grudge against you. Picking on Qin Nan is purely my own intention, and also the intention of Sanqing Ancient Sect and Supreme South World.”

“Therefore, I’m hoping that you won’t interfere with the matter between us. Go ahead and claim the succession of this place.”

Based on what he knew, Qin Nan had only joined hands with these people recently. Their relationship was based on profits; they were clearly not friends of life and death.

If he could convince them to leave, Qin Nan and Blood-Eye clearly did not stand a chance against him.

“Stop threatening me with the name of Supreme South World and the Sanqing Ancient Sect! As for you? Who do you think you are? Just die!”

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor wore a disdainful look. He swung his demonic hammer, unleashing a few thousand of hammer shadows lunging at Long Xuanling ferociously.

He might not be a friend of life and death with Qin Nan. He only saw Qin Nan as a friend at most, but he was a Demon Emperor!

A Demon Emperor would put friends first and personal gains last. He would definitely side with his friend instead of with reasonings!

“Fellow cultivators, I believe you have strayed from the right path. I shall guide you back to the path of Buddhism.”

Yuanji placed his hands together. Ten illusionary Buddhas floated behind his back emitting blinding glows lighting up the surroundings, followed by Bodhi chants echoing around him.

“I guess it’s meaningless to say anything further!”

Long Xuanling’s expression darkened. He performed a hand seal, firing thirty-six ancient golden swords from his Divine Sense to establish a sword formation.

The rest of the Heaven Immortals was long prepared for the battle too. They unleashed their immortal force to execute a series of Immortal Arts.


Qin Nan made his move too. He utilized the maximum potential of the two Arts of Dao Seeking, directing the tremendous battle intent and the Sky Taihuang Intent onto the Heaven-Repairing Cauldron, granting it marvelous power.

Doom inside the cauldron harrumphed coldly while unleashing his beastly force.

Ling Lanlan, Blood-Eye, and Xiu Shenliang could not participate in the battle; the former continued to use her pure energy to replenish Qin Nan and the others’ energy.

Blood-Eye and Xiu Shenliang were casting some special Immortal Arts to disturb the Heaven Immortals.


Strong gusts swept in all directions.

Even though Long Xuanling and his men were in the fifth-layer Heaven Immortal Realm, they found themselves in an unfavorable situation after a while.

“The Art of Three Dao King of Beast!”

Doom swung his enormous claw forward at a perfect timing. The rift across a few thousand li shattered into pieces as three magnificent figures burst out from the crack ferociously.

“Ultimate Yan Flicker of the Four Lands!”

Long Xuanling was startled. He quickly performed a hand seal.

A tremendous glow burst out of his forehead. An enormous umbrella over eighteen zhang tall that was covered in runes and flickering like a fire appeared and extended to defend him.

“Such a nice thing you got there! It’s mine now.”

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor’s eyes glittered. He swiftly took out a skeletal hand from his storage bag.

The skeletal hand was different from the tibia he had. The moment it appeared, a terrifying murderous intent surged across the place and formed several blood-red eyes staring coldly at everything like a demon god from the underworld.

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“Qin Nan, just you wait!”

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