Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife

Yān Yǔ Fāng, 烟雨芳汀

Chapter 324

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Chapter 324


Yue Wang returned to the room with a cold expression on his face .

The Grand Princess Yi De smiled as she looked over, then said softly, “What’s going on? It seems as though you’ve suffered some sort of blow . ” Jin Wang’s few words of ridicule shouldn’t have made him show such an expression .

Yue Wang shook his head slightly . “Nothing much . There are just some things that I haven’t figured out yet . ” As he said that, his gaze fell onto the Daffodils near the window sill . Although the Daffodils had not bloomed yet, the fat leaves were still so beautiful . Why didn’t Yunyao like it?

“Thinking about Mu Yunyao?”

Yue Wang paused before nodding slightly . “Imperial Aunt, do you like the Daffodils or Hibiscus?”

The Grand Princess Yi De slightly raised her eyebrow, then suddenly laughed . “I’m actually a little curious about that Mu Yunyao . She told you that she likes Hibiscus?”

Yue Wang nodded his head and discussed Mu Yunyao with the Grand Princess . In his heart, there was an unspeakable nervousness and distress: “En . ”

“I really didn’t expect that you, Jun Yue, would actually be a one-sided love . ”

Yue Wang’s body stiffened as he carefully recalled the situation between him and Mu Yunyao . However, he was unwilling to admit it . Back then, in the letter, Steward Qin had said that Yunyao was fond of him . . . Although Yunyao did not personally admit it, he still believed it to be true and believes it deeply .

The Grand Princess’s smile grew wider as she looked at the troubled expression on Yue Wang’s face . A hint of emotion flashed across her eyes, “Do you know that Hibiscus has another name?”

“Another name?”

“Yes, Hibiscus is fond of cold weather, also known as frost repellent flower, frost repellent, double repellent . . . Is the meaning not obvious enough?”

Yue Wang was startled, a look of disappointment flashed across his face, but he quickly steeled his heart: “Imperial Aunt, I’ll go find some Hibiscus . If you wish to go to the prayer hall of Baohua later on, let Mama Qu follow you and bring along the bodyguards . Many people have heard that you’ve come to Baohua temple . Don’t be collided by those who are not polite . ”

“Go ahead . ”

When Yue Wang had retreated, Grand Princess Yi De’s gaze couldn’t help but fall upon the Daffodils . Mama Qu hurriedly brought the daffodils over and placed them in Grand Princess Yi De’s hand . “This old servant looks at Young Master’s expression and seems to like that Miss Mu Yunyao very much?”

The Grand Princess Yi De stretched out her hand and pulled a daffodil leaf . “How did you know?”

“Although I’ve only met Miss Mu Yunyao twice, this servant discovered that she and the Grand Princess really share some similarities . This old servant referred not only to her appearance and features but also her manner of speech and actions . There was a little bit of the shadow of the Grand Princess when she was young . ”

The Grand Princess Yi De’s finger stopped, and she suddenly loosened her hand that was holding onto the Daffodils’s leaf . The leaf slightly swayed back, as if it was a ripple that was stirred up instantly in her heart: “If my child was still alive, she would probably be married and have children now too . . . In the end, I did not have the luck of the Su family after all, and the daughter who has been lost for so many years can be retrieved . . . ”

The Grand Princess Yi De sighed . She also liked seeing Mu Yunyao . Although she hadn’t said much, she still felt that she was particularly pleasing to the eye . She had even specifically looked at the evidence that the Emperor had sent people to investigate . Su Qing and the Su family’s relationship was real, and the evidence was plentiful . If not, she suspects that Mu Yunyao has a relationship with her .

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Mama Qu hurriedly slapped her own mouth . “It’s all my fault for speaking too much and making Your Highness sad . ”

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