Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife

Yān Yǔ Fāng, 烟雨芳汀

Chapter 323

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Chapter 323


Si Shu left the room with some guilty conscience and just happened to run into Si Qin . She quickly stepped forward to hold her . “Sister Si Qin, Miss seems to have found out, that flower . . . . ”

Si Qin hurriedly pulled the person back and sighed softly . Among the four of them, Si Shu’s martial arts is the strongest, but her personality is also the most innocent . She couldn’t control her emotions and said, “Miss has always been intelligent . How could we hide it from her? If she discover it, then so be it . Anyway, you picked up the flower at the door . ”

“But . . . Fourth Master sent someone to put it at the door . “

“That won’t be a problem . You just picked up the flowers from the door and placed them on the table in the room . Don’t worry, Miss won’t bother . ”

“But now that we are with Miss, don’t you think she would think we were disloyal by doing this?”

Si Qin couldn’t help laughing: “Did the Fourth Master ask you to put the flowers on the table?”

“Nope . ” The Fourth Master sent someone to put the flower at the door . She saw it and thought it must be for Miss, so she picked it up .

“Then that’s enough . Rest assured, Master is more considerate than us . ” Fourth Master had gone through a lot of trouble to send the four of them to Miss, so he naturally wouldn’t let Miss have a reason to chase them away .

Si Shu thought about it for a while and felt that it made a bit of sense . She then calmed herself down and asked, “Then do I still need to go to the back of the mountain to find Hibiscus Mutabilis?”

Si Qin helplessly pulled Si Shu away: “We’ll just pick it up from the door at night . ”

“ . . . That would be fine . ” The Fourth Master will send it anyway .

In the afternoon, Su Yuyi felt even more uncomfortable . Her knees looked like they were about to break, but she had come to Baohua Temple to perform well in order to get Princess Yi De to look at her more . At this time, she had to persevere no matter what .

Taking advantage of the afternoon break, she had someone change the cushions . However, her legs still felt very uncomfortable, and her condition did not improve at all . After kneeling for less than half an hour, she could no longer hold on and fell to the ground again .

Su Qingwu’s forehead twitched and asked the maid to help her up . “Yuyi, since you’re not feeling well, why don’t you go back to your room and rest?”

“No need,” Su Yuyi quickly shook her head . If she gave up at this moment, isn’t the previous discomfort all in vain? “Don’t worry, Elder Brother . I can persevere . ”

Seeing her stubbornness, Su Qingwu knew what she and her mother were planning, so he didn’t try to dissuade her .

There are several rooms in Baohua Temple that had always been closed to outsiders . But at this moment, Jin Wang came to the door and asked people to report back . Not long after, he was invited in .

“Greetings, Imperial Aunt . ” Jin Wang walked through the door and saluted Grand Princess Yi De with a smile on his face .

Grand Princess Yi De put down the Buddhist scripture in her hand and said, “Stand up, why have you come?”

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“Imperial Father was worried that you weren’t used to living on the mountain, so he asked me to come visit you . He also asked me to bring a letter for Imperial Aunt to take a look . ”

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