Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife

Yān Yǔ Fāng, 烟雨芳汀

Chapter 322

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Chapter 322


On the second day, Mu Yunyao got up early and accompanied Su Qing to finish their vegetarian meal . After she finished eating, she headed to the prayer hall to continue kneeling and praying . However, just as she left the side room, he saw Su Yuyi, who was slightly pale .

“Greetings, Cousin . ”

When Su Yuyi saw Mu Yunyao, a look of disgust flashed past her eyes: “Cousin, there’s no need to be so polite . ”

Mu Yunyao’s eyes held a smile . She had already guessed that the news of Princess Yi De’s coming to Baohua temple could not be concealed, but she hadn’t thought that it would leak out so quickly . It had only been a short night, but Su Yuyi had already caught up .

Su Yuyi’s expression was slightly stiff as she followed Yunyao and the rest to the prayer hall, placing the copied Buddhist scriptures on the table . She had come in with hasty manner, and before coming, she even had to teach the woman whom her eldest brother had found to dance . The Buddhist scriptures were extremely rushed, so she was not copied much of The Buddhist scriptures . Compared with Mu Yunyao’s twenty scrolls, it made her feel exceptionally awkward .

Su Yuyi kneels on the prayer mats and slightly closes her eyes . As long as Mu Yunyao was there, she would feel uncomfortable all over . However, this place was Baohua Temple, and people were coming and going, along with Grand Princess Yi De . She couldn’t fall out with Mu Yunyao, and it would be bad for her reputation .

However, due to the restlessness in her heart, she found it particularly hard to endure while kneeling on the ground and chanting . Her knees also began to feel waves of pain, which caused her to frown .

Mu Yunyao was kneeling at the side . Seeing Su Yuyi, who would occasionally move her knees from time to time, a trace of coldness flashed through her slightly lowered eyes .

In order to deal with her, the Eldest Madam prepared very well . The porridge that Mama Qi had sent over was mixed with koji grass powder, but she had used a prayer mat with soft cushions yesterday . Today, she had sprinkled the prayer mat with anemarrhena powder . Both of these things were cold, especially koji grass . It is also known as June Frost, which shows its coldness .

Now the weather is getting colder . If people were to kneel here and pray for blessings, they would be vulnerable to be attacked by cold . First, she took koji grass orally, and then she would kneel on the prayer mat stained with anemarrhena powder . After three days, the legs will be wasted!

Furthermore, even if she had suffered a loss, she wouldn’t dare to make a big fuss about it . After all, she came to Baohua Temple to pray for her grandfather . In just three days, she said that her leg was broken . Isn’t it because she has no filial piety and fussy? After all, this was the usual practice in the past years . If other people are okay, she seemed to be a spoiled child?

Mu Yunyao closed her eyes and knelt down once again, a slight smile appearing on her lips . The Eldest Madam had painstakingly planned for such a long time, so she couldn’t let these things go to waste . Thus, after seeing the Grand Princess Yi De, she had ordered Liu Liang to secretly prepare those arrangements ready for them last night . Today, Su Yuyi came in handy as soon as she arrived .

If the Eldest Madam wanted to harm her, she would return it to her daughter, Su Yuyi, which was very fair .

At first, Su Yuyi could endure it a little, but gradually, her knees became numb from the pain . It was as if the prayer mat she was kneeling down was not a soft cushion, but it was a wooden board filled with needles .

A cold sweat gradually came out on her forehead, and her face became paler . Su Yuyi did not pretend to be sick these past few days, as she really did feel uncomfortable . After all, she wanted to spread her reputation, yet on the way, she even actually got involved with the lowly dancer of Huan Cai Pavillion in the middle of the journey . This depression alone was enough to make her flustered and short of breath .

What was even more shocking was that when she danced in the palace, the reputation she got was worshiping the Moon Fairy . While the lowly dancer had spread the reputation of being the Moon Fairy of the Moon Palace, and just from her reputation, she was able to suppress her . It made her wish to find the other party directly and tear her alive!

The anger was intertwined in her heart . Su Yuyi endured and forbore, but she still couldn’t bear it and fell to the side .

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Mu Yunyao extended a hand to support him, “Elder Sister Yuyi, are you alright?

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