One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Beauty Under the Moon, 花容月下

Chapter 2731 - Priceless Relic

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Chapter 2731: Priceless Relic

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Why is this place so big?

The palaces I see on TV can’t even compare to this house!

So many bodyguards in suits and servants in cheongsam lining the courtyard, entrance, and even halls. I didn’t know that the handsome uncle is a wealthy man.

The moment he reached the dining room, the boy collapsed in a chair out of exhaustion. He was so tired that even his eyes lost their focus as he stared blankly at the antique wooden ceiling. He could not help but look soulless.

“Tired, aren’t you? The guest room may be quite far from the dining room, but you can just take it as a morning exercise,” jokingly said the maid.

“This place is really huge!” he exclaimed between pants. “Walking such a long way made me even hungrier.”

“What do you want to eat? I can get the kitchen staff to prepare it for you.”

“I like eating noodles.” He told her carefully.

“I see. Are you okay with noodle soup?”


She then headed for the kitchen.

Taking advantage of her absence, Baby Chu curiously surveyed his surroundings and studied the dining hall’s furnishings.

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The spacious dining hall had a modern Chinese-style decor; the table and chairs here were made of expensive, superior-quality red sandalwood. The average folk might not know this, but even a string of such beads cost significantly, yet this old money household had their furniture, cabinets, and even the folding screens made of such wood.

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