One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Beauty Under the Moon, 花容月下

Chapter 2398 - The Queen of Bridal Gowns

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Chapter 2398: The Queen of Bridal Gowns

Thus, naturally, none of these gowns could satisfy the proud missy’s taste at all. Moreover, the realization that these were others’ rejects was enough to make her feel cheap!

Noticing the lady’s extreme indifference since she entered the store, the sales assistant could not help wondering why this bride-to-be, unlike the rest of the ladies who patronized this bridal shop, came without her future husband in tow. To her, this customer appeared to have been looking at the display rack for an utterly long time without expressing interest in any of the dresses. The lady might as well customize one to her fancy if none of these satisfied her. Though a customized gown was costly, those who came here would naturally be prepared to spend a bomb.

As such, the store clerk proposed enthusiastically, “Miss Song, if none of these dresses catches your fancy, we can take a look at the next dressing room where you can find European and American designs.”

“These bridal dresses are leftover pieces from others, aren’t these?”

The sales lady turned awkward at her question but replied politely, “Every wedding gown in this atelier is individually designed for a bride-to-be. Of course, some clients may have shared the same aesthetic view as their designers. When it comes to those dresses, we’ll put them on display here for another lady to come by who may happen to appreciate their beauty, too.”

“The reason sounds elaborate, but at the end of the day, these are still rejects, aren’t these?”

The lady guest did not mince her harsh words, which immediately put this shop assistant on the spot; she, however, remained polite. “If you aren’t satisfied with any of these, we can get a designer to customize one to your liking!”

The missy glanced at her impassively and was about to say something when something flashy in her periphery caught her attention.

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She looked across to see a champagne-colored wedding gown hanging conspicuously high above the rest. She was unsure what fabric the gown was made of, but from afar, it seemed to be glowing!

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