One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Beauty Under the Moon, 花容月下

Chapter 2389 - Dilemma

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Chapter 2389: Dilemma

“Forced his wish on you?”

The man could not help squinting his eyes suspiciously when he heard that.

His woman immediately retorted, “Hey, don’t go imagining wild things.”

“Does cutting your hair short trouble you that much?”

The woman nodded her head with a pout, her innocent, sparkling eyes focusing on him petulantly at the same time.

“You don’t have to cut it short, then.”

Is there a need to be so troubled?

If the actress put her foot down on this matter, nobody could really force her to cut her hair.

“But… the role requires the heroine to sport a short crop! The director had effectively nailed me to the cross when he used that reason.” She cupped her long, silky hair in her hands and twirled it around her fingertips, feeling mournful as she commented, “What a pity! Sigh…”

Her man ruffled her hair with a smile. “Nobody will dare to touch your hair; don’t overthink on this matter.”

“Why did you say that?” she asked quizzically, looking dazed.

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“There’s no ‘why’.” Cocking a brow, the man’s orbs darkened as he curled his lips into a smile. “I like your raven-colored hair, too. It’ll be a pity to cut this just to do a show.”

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