Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain

His Majesty the King, 国王陛下

Chapter 850 (END) - Goodbye

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Chapter 850: Goodbye

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A hundred years had passed by in the blink of an eye. Looking back, that earth-shattering war was already a century in the past.

A lot of things have happened in the past hundred years. Some of the once-powerful figures still stood on the main stage of the Nine Regions, some had quietly retired, and some others have changed their ambition halfway and began writing off the glory of the first half of their lives.

Standing on the podium on the centennial anniversary, Qiong Hua looked down on the tens of thousands of cultivators gathered below. Suddenly, she felt heartfelt emotion in her heart. Fortunately, at the Supreme level, the Immortal Heart was pure and clean, which allowed her to suppress the throbbing in her heart and play the role of the leader of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

In the eyes of countless people, Qiong Hua opened her mouth and recited the speech that she had prepared.

She reviewed the invasion of the Immortal World one hundred years ago where countless people with lofty ideals threw their blood and lives and finally turned the tide. Among them, there was not only the brilliance of a few heroes but also the silent dedication of many of the people in the Nine Regions.

She had also recited the brilliant achievements of the post-war reconstructions of the Nine Regions in the past one hundred years. The Southern Heaven Region was reshaped, the chaotic spiritual energy veins in various places were reorganized, and the broken mountains and rivers were fixed. The new generation of cultivators had grown up one after another. What was more gratifying was that, over the past one hundred years, talented and outstanding men and women emerged endlessly, which was truly a magnificent and unprecedented event.

After that, Qiong Hua talked about the next century.

The journey to the new world had begun.

Xiaoyao, the pioneer who left the Nine Regions a hundred years ago, successfully left a precious beacon in the Wall of Worlds to guide future generations on the road.

Fifty years ago, Zhan Ziye and Zhou Mumu worked hard to complete the preliminary calculation of the Wall of Worlds.

Ten years ago, the Sect Leader of Spirit Sword Mountain Daoist Master Feng Yin, at the cost of a thousand years’ sleep, led many Immortals to cut a gap in the Wall of Worlds and shed the dawn of the New World, which was known as the Line of Heaven.

Five years ago, Senior Immortal Non-Phase went deep into the endless void alone to widen the gap by ten times, which almost turned it into a smooth road. However, after completing that feat, there was no news from her anymore.

Today, Qiong Hua stood on the podium on the centennial anniversary and announced the official start of the expedition to the new world.

Under the stage, cheers resounded to the sky.

In the past one hundred years, the legend of the new world had been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It was said that outside the Wall of Worlds, there was an ideal place better than the Immortal World, and there were countless resources and wealth that could satisfy all the beautiful fantasies.

The Immortal World was destroyed, but the new world had become a new Immortal World and the supreme place in the people’s hearts.

On the stage, Qiong Hua’s heart was gloomy.

There was no ideal place, and everything in the new world was unknown. At present, there was still no message from Senior Immortal Non-Phase, who was the person whose location was the deepest into the Wall of Worlds. Moreover, one hundred years ago, Senior Immortal Xiaoyao had not seen any beautiful fantasy at the end of the journey.

On top of that, there would be countless difficulties and obstacles before they arrived in the new world. The journey to the new world was not a journey for a few people, but the migration of the entire Nine Regions continent. The need for space was extremely demanding. Even at present in the most mature area of the Line of Heaven, it could only allow the compressed Nine Regions to barely pass smoothly. Once they got through the mature area, the current cultivators needed to overcome more obstacles.

According to the calculation of Zhan Ziye, the ideal result was to maintain the current development intensity for five hundred years, after which, it was eighty percent possible to directly dig a spacious passage. That was, of course, impossible. The Nine Regions had already long been overwhelmed. In the last hundred years, the emergence of outstanding heroes was basically ‘the final radiance of setting sun’ as the surrounding spiritual energy kept on decreasing.

How could a world in decline glow with vitality?

In recent decades, no one had heard of the voice of the land spirit Wang Lu. He was still there, but he was tired and weak, and couldn’t even speak. The reason why Senior Immortal Non-Phase went deep into the void alone was also related to Wang Lu’s decline. Looking at the Spirit Stone statue of Wang Lu in the center of the ceremony platform, Qiong Hua was filled with emotion even more.

A hundred years ago, she motivated herself to move forward with Wang Lu as the goal. Now, Wang Lu seemed to have stopped moving forward, but she felt that she was getting farther away from him.

Looking at the passage leading to the Line of Heaven opened by Daoist Master Feng Yin with many other Immortals, Qiong Hua smiled but her heart was slightly chilled.

Behind this passage, was it a colorful new world or a pitch-black deathly stillness?

Unfortunately, no matter what the answer was, there was no other choice for the Nine Regions now.


History was probably the most flexible thing in the world.

Even if it was as long as a river, even if it was hundreds of thousands or millions of years, even if it was those brilliant years where outstanding heroes came forth in large numbers, it could still be compressed into a few pieces of thin yellow paper, which would be lamented and commented on by later generations.

The expedition of the Nine Regions to the new world was such a period to history. If the story was to be written in detail, it would be ‘too numerous to write.’ However, if it was compressed down, it could be summarized in a few pages.

“In the spring of the year of 6500 in Nine Regions, the expedition had entered its twentieth year. On the whole, everything is going well—if it weren’t compared with the original plan. The hardships and dangers in the Wall of Worlds are indeed well-deserved. I wonder how Xiaoyao could possibly reach this point while dragging a broken body? We found the last beacon left by Senior Immortal Xiaoyao, as well as the remains of him and his wife.

“They probably experienced considerable torture before they died as their bodies were in a shattered condition. However, we could still see the smile on their faces as they hugged into each other into eternal sleep. Unfortunately, we, as the descendants, could not smile. According to the original plan, we should have reached this point in ten years, but now, it takes twice as much time. I don’t want to criticize anyone because everyone’s efforts are visible, but sometimes, people have to wonder if it’s wrong for the predecessors to pin all their hopes on us?

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“If those heroes who turned the tide in that year are still here, perhaps the expedition will not be so difficult. Today, I once again paid homage to the guardian spirit of the Nine Regions and seemed to hear his voice, but my companions laughed at me, telling me I was just hallucinating.”

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