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The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow - 卧牛真人

Chapter 1470 - There Is No Turning Back

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Chapter 1470 There Is No Turning Back

Supervisor w.a.n.g first sent Ms. Ai to the medical room for a comprehensive examination.

After confirming that she had only suffered superficial injuries and a mild concussion caused by the shock wave, he heaved a sigh of relief.

After all, she was a reporter from The Dragon City Light. If anything happened to her during such a sensitive period, no one would be able to bear the pressure of public opinion. While receiving bandages, Ms. Ai scanned her surroundings with her two rolling eyes.

When she was looking at the chaotic scene, many rescuers were running around like headless chickens. Some people even had different opinions. When they had an argument, she suddenly asked, “What’s going on? Is Director Shen not here?”

Supervisor w.a.n.g was shocked, and his eyebrows perked up.

“You look like a group of dragons without a leader.”

Ms. Ai stared at him. “My intuition tells me that Director Shen doesn’t seem to be in the crystal mine.”

The fat on Supervisor w.a.n.g’s face trembled slightly. He emphasized his tone and said, “Ms. Ai Lei, this has nothing to do with you. You should worry more about yourself. You are in big trouble!”

Supervisor w.a.n.g waved his hand. The two muscular men took the female reporter named Allie away and locked her in a container in the other corner of the crystal mine away from the explosion. She could neither see nor hear anything.

Naturally, most of the people were gathered near the explosion.

Except for the two muscular men who were guarding the container, there were not many guards here.

The scanning range and frequency of the searchlights and drones were also quite limited. There were often blind spots that were forgotten.

After supervisor w.a.n.g left, the sound of knocking could be heard from the container.

The two burly men guarding the container did not pay attention to it at first.

Ai Lei, on the other hand, was very patient. She knocked on the container until the two burly men were annoyed. “What are you doing?”

One of the Brawny men asked in a gruff voice.

“I need to go to the bathroom.”

Ai Lei said gloomily from inside, “I can’t hold it anymore!”

The two brawny men looked at each other.

“Supervisor w.a.n.g didn’t say that I can’t go to the bathroom, right?”

Ai lei continued, “Even if you’re escorting a prisoner, the prisoner has the right to go to the bathroom!”

The two strong men hesitated.

“I’m begging you.”

Ai Lei’s voice carried a sobbing tone as she pleaded like a little girl, “Big Brothers, Big Brothers, I know that you’re all following orders, but I’m just a part-time worker. It was my boss who asked me to come to Red Creek Creek Ditch to dig up more news material. I, I know that I’ve caused trouble for you, but I really just want to go to the toilet!”

The two brawny men lowered their heads and discussed for a while.

One of the Brawny men walked three steps away. His right hand firmly held the defibrillator at his waist, while his left hand held the walkie-talkie.

The other brawny man pulled open the latch on the container’s door and let ai lei out.

“Thank you, thank you, two Big Brothers.”

Ai lei seemed to have been shut in the dark container. Her eyes were red, and her face still had a panicked expression. The naivety of “I have rights, I have freedom”just now had completely disappeared.

She bowed respectfully to the two burly men and scanned her surroundings with the corner of her eyes.

Everything that happened next happened in three seconds.

Ai Lei jumped up like a bobcat that had revealed its true form. Her arms, which seemed slender but were like steel bars, wrapped around the neck of the burly man beside her. She pulled him hard and pushed her knee heavily against the burly man’s lower abdomen, with just one push, the brawny man’s entire body trembled. His eyes bulged and he could not even scream.

Following that, Ai lei seemed to be carrying a huge battle shield as she carried the brawny man with a strong back and a strong waist. She rushed towards another brawny man who was holding a defibrillator.

The second brawny man did not expect that the seemingly harmless female reporter would actually be able to erupt with such fierce fighting strength.

He was somewhat fl.u.s.tered as he pulled out the electric defibrillator and walkie-talkie. For a moment, he did not know which to use first.

At this time, Ai Lei had already thrown the first burly man at him.

He randomly stabbed the electric defibrillator forward, causing his companion to Grimace and foam at the mouth.

Ai Lei took the opportunity to slide over from under the first burly man with a slide shovel. The tip of her foot directly kicked the ankle of the second burly man.

She first shoveled the strong man to the ground, then kicked off the walkie-talkie in his left hand. Finally, she wrapped her strong legs like two pythons around the neck of the second strong man. Soon, the blue veins on the strong man’s neck were exposed, he pa.s.sed out.

Before the searchlight came, Ai lei dragged the two strong men to a blind spot in the dark.

She tested their breathing again to make sure that they were only unconscious and that their hearts were still beating strongly.

Allie whistled softly.

She gave herself a thumbs up.

“Miss Allie, the sword is not old.”

She praised herself.

Then, Allie quickly stripped off the clothes of the relatively small strong man.

The two men were wearing camouflage battle suits that were tough and durable, and were easy to use in battle.

Of course, they were filled with the stench of sweat and mud from the night of heavy rain.

However, Ai Lei’s eyelashes did not even twitch.

Without hesitation, she tore off her gaudy business suit and threw it far away with a disgusted expression.

She put on her dirty and smelly camouflage combat suit. Her overly wide sleeves and trousers were tied tightly with strips of cloth, making her look clean and neat, just like a strong female hunter.

Ai Lei moved her hands and feet, as if she had found herself again. Her eyes sparkled in the darkness.

“I’m Rich.”

The female reporter and female hunter had a greedy look on her face. “I’m really going to be rich this time!”

She continued to search the two burly men.

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She found work permits, powerful flashlights, multi-purpose folding military knives, and other items.

Ai Lei’s truck had an open hopper instead of a fully enclosed design, so it couldn’t hide anyone.

As for the empty truck leaving the Crystal Mine, it wasn’t surprising. The entire mining area was in a state of chaos, and there was a need for heavy trucks and various disaster relief supplies everywhere. It was normal to temporarily dispatch a few empty trucks to the units of their brothers or to the sh.o.r.e of the branch of the Tiger’s Fury River.

This was because there were too many vehicles coming and going from Hongxi Valley.

The few sentry posts stationed at the entrance and exit of the valley simply turned on the green light and allowed all small vehicles and large vehicles with open compartments to pa.s.s.

Only when they encountered closed compartments would they make a slight inspection.

Seeing this scene, AI lei let out a sigh of relief.

The only problem was that the entrance to the valley was too narrow. The second phase of the widening project had not been completed, and the road was half blocked by the landslide caused by the heavy rain. The speed of the traffic was rather slow.

Regardless of whether it was a large car or a small car, it was like a snail crawling.

“Hurry up, hurry up, Hurry Up!”

Ai Lei’s fingers were on the steering wheel, acting neurotically bit by bit.

She stared at the walkie-talkie on the right-hand seat.

She was afraid that supervisor w.a.n.g would find out that she had escaped.

What she was afraid of came true.

Just as there were only two cars left in front of AI lei.

The walkie-talkie screamed like a death wish.

Ai Lei’s whole body jerked as if the seat was leaking electricity.

She couldn’t imitate the gruff voices of the two burly men.

She could only bite the bullet and ignore them.

Another car was waved through.

There was only one obstacle left in front of Ai lei.

The walkie-talkie screamed for half a minute before it suddenly quieted down.

But ai lei noticed that the guards at the sentry post in front suddenly became more vigilant.

One guard tried to pull down the brake.

The other guard jumped onto a heavy truck in front and stuck his head into the driver’s seat to check.

Ai Lei cursed in her heart.

There was no turning back. She stepped on the accelerator and pushed the crystal engine to its limit. Then, she turned to the right and almost jumped onto the steering wheel.

The truck was like a giant steel beast that had just woken up. It let out a deafening roar and sc.r.a.ped against the vehicle in front of it, creating a large number of sparks as it rushed out.

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