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The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow - 卧牛真人

Chapter 1468 - New Clue

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Chapter 1468 New Clue

At the critical moment, Meng Chao only had time to activate his spirit shield.

At the same time, he summoned a large number of spirit magnets from his body and condensed them into a silver totem shield in front of him.


Before his totem shield was fully formed, Shen Yulin had already turned into a blood-red fireball.

It was unclear whether it was a blood ball or a fireball, but it expanded a hundred times in an instant and swallowed the s.p.a.ce within a radius of dozens of meters with a crushing force.

Even with Meng Chao’s Deity Realm abilities, he felt a destructive storm of lightning and thunder crashing onto his double shield.

It made his skin feel the pain of being licked by the raging flames, and even his blood was boiling.

His vitality magnetic field was also stirred up by Shen Yulin’s interference.

Not only were illusions appearing in his mind, but even within his veins, his peaceful spirit energy was stirring like a hydra that had just awoken from hibernation.

Meng Chao hurriedly focused to calm his restless cells.

After a while, Shen Yulin self-detonated shock wave, only gradually weakened and annihilated.

Meng Chao slowly opened his eyes and let out a long sigh of relief. Shen Yulin had literally disappeared from the world.

In the place where he was lying on the ground, there was a huge pit that was three to four meters deep. It was steaming hot and was still emitting green smoke. The mud had been soaked in the rain for a whole night. It had good mobility and was slowly flowing into the pit. It would not take long for the pit to be completely filled up.

Other than a few drops of blood that were stained on the surface of the Totem Battle Shield, Shen Yulin did not even have half a tooth or half a hair. There was not even the slightest clue that could be traced back to the Blood Union.

Meng Chao raised his head and narrowed his eyes, trying to search for the drone that had issued the “Self-destruct order”.

The drone seemed to have realized that the enemy on the ground was likely to have a strong air-resistance ability. The moment it scanned Shen Yulin’s self-destruct, it pulled up its alt.i.tude and disappeared.

The caution of the Blood Union had exceeded Meng Chao’s expectations.

From the looks of it, even if Shen Yulin said a few names, it would not mean much.

Without real evidence, just the accusation of a dead person wouldn’t be able to bring down these powerful people in the Universal Group and Atlas Group.

Instead, it would alert them and make them wary.

They would even make the Blood Union give up on Shen Yulin, just like they gave up on these suspicious big shots. Now, it seemed that Shen Yulin was right about one thing

The blood union was indeed a hundred-legged insect. They did not die, and they had more than one head.

With Meng Chao’s ident.i.ty and strength, it was not difficult for him to cut off three to five heads and seven to eight claws of the blood union in the simplest and most violent way.

However, what Meng Chao wanted to do more was to cut off their throat with a sword and Pierce through the only heart of the Blood Union. He wanted to nail this evil organization that treated human lives like dirt to the pillar of shame in history.

Then, he needed more clues and evidence.. At this moment, Meng Chao heard a very strange sound, “Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi”.

He was slightly startled and lowered his head to look at his totem battle shield.

He saw that the few blood beads that were stained on the battle shield that originated from Shen Yulin’s body were like water droplets that had accidentally dripped into a pot of oil. They jumped around and quickly evaporated. Before the last drop of blood was completely evaporated, Meng Chao used a ball of gentle spiritual energy to wrap it in time. “Strange, Shen Yulin’s blood seems to have some strange and intense reaction with my totem battle shield. “Why is this?

“In such a hurry, I didn’t have the time to activate any totem power on this shield. It’s just a pure liquid metal-like substance. It shouldn’t have such an intense reaction with human blood!”

Meng Chao Stared at Shen Yulin’s blood drop and fell into deep thought.

He was quickly thinking about how his totem battle shield was different from ordinary metal.

After thinking about it, he only thought of one thing

His totem battle armor had been injected into a unit by the last researcher of the Tulan civilization. It was a “Strong brain neuron suppressant drug”that was specifically targeted at the “Mother”, which was also known as the “Hope Drug”.

The killing statue and the mandala tree roots that were controlled by the mother had a similar intense reaction when they touched their totem armor.

They were like wild beasts that were afraid of flames, afraid of the Hope Potion.

Thinking of this, Meng Chao took out a dropper from his pocket.

Inside it was the remnants of the Hope Potion.

The hope potion that the last researcher of the Tulan civilization had given to Meng Chao had been injected into the body of the mother.

However, there was still a tiny amount of liquid left on the wall and bottom of the syringe.

Meng Chao considered that mother origin, who was hiding in the underground of Tulan ZE, was most likely the same thing as the main brain of the monster that was hiding in the underground of Dragon City. They were all the eggs of chaos recorded in the ancient cla.s.sics of the temple of Holy Light.

Then, he carefully sc.r.a.ped the remaining liquid and carefully stored it, hoping to send it back to Dragon City. Together with the formula in his brain, he would create more hope potions to drive away Lu Siya and the other people controlled by the main brain of the monster.., the evil energy in his body.

He wrapped the remaining liquid with his spiritual energy.

He moved the remaining liquid to Shen Yulin’s blood drop.

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As he expected, the remaining liquid had not come into contact with the blood drop yet. The blood drop was already agitated. It was bouncing on his palm and hissing weakly. “So, Shen Yulin was infected by the egg of chaos like many Tulan Orcs?”

The shocking explosion of the crystal just now was mostly a magnificent sound, light, and electricity effect. It was like a giant firework.

The real destructive power was not as big as Meng Chao had expected.

Except for blowing up the crystal warehouse, it did not affect more facilities and innocent people in the crystal mine.

However, Meng Chao believed that Shen Yulin had kept a large number of crystals privately and caused a deficit on the account, which was certainly accounted for in the big explosion.

Therefore, a shocking loss was obtained.

And the main culprit of the disaster was naturally the “Heinous orcs”.

Shen Yulin was right.

Dragon City needed war.

To be more precise, many experts in Dragon City needed war.

After all, without war, what reason did experts have to exist?

Meng Chao hid in the darkness and circled around the debris of the burning crystal warehouse.

The other party was a professional and didn’t leave him any clues. No, to be more precise, the other party left too many clues and even witnesses.

But all the clues, such as the hair and claws that had fallen unintentionally, the footprints that were completely different from human footprints, and the witness testimony, all pointed to the orcs.

On a stormy night, a group of hideous-looking, baring-fangs, and half-human, half-beast fellows emerged silently from the depths of the darkness.

It was indeed in line with everyone’s imagination.

Meng Chao heard that many people were talking about the “Evidence”they had discovered.

Some people were even filled with righteous indignation and couldn’t wait to mobilize the steel torrent of dragon city to crush the Tiger Nu River Valley.

Thinking about it, in the future that “Hu Lang”ka.n.u.s dreamed of, the war between Dragon City and Tulanze, where both sides suffered heavy losses, was also started for a similar reason, right?

However, amidst the numerous discussions and shouts, Meng Chao also heard a particularly sharp and piercing female voice that was particularly confident. “Let go of me. You Don’t have the right to treat me like this. I’m a reporter, a reporter for ‘Light of Dragon City’, and also a good friend of President Shen. It wasn’t easy for President Shen to invite me to do an exclusive interview with him. How can you treat me like this!”

Meng Chao looked in the direction of the voice.

He saw two big and burly mine guards with ashen faces. They were like a big bear catching a small hen. They grabbed a pet.i.te and pet.i.te woman who was struggling but was full of energy. She was kicking and biting desperately.

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