You Are My Unforgettable Love

Young Master Yan

Chapter 1801 - Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (31)

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Chapter 1801: Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (31)

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When Lu Nanze heard Traceless mention Liang Liang’s name, he choked up. He couldn’t explain the feeling, he just didn’t want to talk about that man.

Hence he only said a faint “oh” and immediately went on to ask, “So have you thought about it?”

Traceless: …!

What did this guy mean?

Was he unwilling to help her meet up with Liang Liang?

As she wondered about this, Lu Nanze continued, “I think we make a good couple, really.”

Traceless: …

This man, how had he suddenly become so shameless?

The fact was that Lu Nanze had become more astute.

The night before, he had almost been unable to handle Qiao Yiyi’s very direct and pa.s.sionate confession. Today, he had started to wonder about his change in att.i.tude towards her.

At the very least, whilst he had felt annoyed just looking at the girl the previous day, he didn’t feel that way at all as he now looked at her quietly sitting in a corner, as though she didn’t exist.

He thought that if he made a pa.s.sionate confession to Traceless, she might also start to feel more positive towards him.

At the thought of this, sweet words flowed freely from his lips, “Traceless, the first time I set eyes on you, I felt that you were different from everyone else. At the time, I didn’t think that I’d fall in love with you one day. I was just deeply impressed. After that, I realized that although on the surface you are stubborn and arrogant, you have a pa.s.sionate heart. Then I was attracted to you.”

The tips of Lu Nanze’s ears turned bright red as he said these things. Traceless, on the other hand, felt rather embarra.s.sed by the speech.

Why was there a strange similarity between his sweet talk and the things she had said yesterday?

This guy, could he be copying her?

It simply couldn’t be more pretentious.

Had she really put on such an act in front of Lu Nanze yesterday?

It was no wonder he had bought it.

Traceless drew her lips back for a moment in a grimace as she reminded him of the more serious business. “I saw that Liang Liang came looking for you yesterday. What did he say?”

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Liang Liang. Liang Liang again.

Why did it sound like this was a response directed at his earlier remark about that idiot?

What was wrong with Traceless today? It wasn’t as if he was calling her an idiot.

Lu Nanze struggled for a bit and lifted his gaze. Traceless stood there looking back at him. “Haven’t you got anything else to tell me?”

What else was there to say?

Wasn’t this confession enough?!

Lu Nanze looked somewhat at a loss, as he stared at her, dumbfounded.

Traceless: …

So he really didn’t plan to help her and Liang Liang get in touch.

This man, how could he act like this? It was just really petty!

Traceless frowned and turned around to leave.

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