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Chapter 906 - A Wife’s Night Talk

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Chapter 906: A Wife’s Night Talk

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“It’s this Wangchuan, not that Wangchuan1…” Nong Xiuqi corrected Di Jiu’s mistake.

This still meant the same thing. Di Jiu caressed Nong Xiuqi’s hair with affection and said shamefully, “You’ve raised Wangchuan and Qiushui by yourself. I didn’t do my duty. You’ve had a hard time all these years.”

Nong Xiuqi’s eyes turned red. She immediately shook her head and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t take good care of them. Qiushui suffered through a bad marriage. She was taken advantage of because I imparted to her some cultivation techniques. Although I saved Qiushui with Wangchuan later on, her daughter died.”

As she spoke, she had already immersed herself in her memories. The most beautiful days of her life were the few days when she had become Di Jiu’s wife.

She had been carefree and she’d had no worries while she had been with Di Jiu. However, he hadn’t returned after leaving one day. She had waited for him for many years to no avail. According to Shen Ziyu’s exploration, he had happened to enter a Teleportation Array and leave Earth.

She had thought more than once that she would never meet Di Jiu again in this lifetime. As a result, she had not valued her life. She had ignited her soul, thinking that she could perhaps see him after reincarnation.

She had never expected that after igniting her soul, she would once again meet Di Jiu. If she had known that she would find him by igniting her soul, she would perhaps have done so earlier.

“You mean Xiangnu?” Di Jiu immediately asked.

Nong Xiuqi looked at Di Jiu in pleasant surprise. “Di Jiu, how did you know Xiangnu? I’m sorry…”

She felt too ashamed to speak of Xiangnu. Back then, she hadn’t wanted this illegitimate child of the Ning Family. At the time, because Qiushui had been thinking of her husband, she had long forgotten about Xiangnu. After so many years, the anger of the past had dissipated. No matter how ruthless the Ning Family was or how many bad things they had done, it had nothing to do with the child. Xiangnu was innocent.

Di Jiu responded, “Back then, I landed on the Big Deep Planet with serious injuries. It was Xiangnu who saved me. I guess it was a mysterious feeling, but when I met Xiangnu, I missed you even more.”

“Ah…” Nong Xiuqi covered her mouth and her eyes were filled with lingering fear. If the Ning Family had vented its anger on Xiangnu and she had later been killed, would there have been nobody to save Di Jiu on the Big Deep Planet?

As soon as he saw her expression, he knew what she was thinking and said with a sigh, “The Ning Family didn’t let Xiangnu off. They threw Xiangnu, who was only a few years old, into the smelly ditch. If two of her friends hadn’t saved her, she might have perished. When I met Xiangnu, she and her two friends had the willpower to live but led a very difficult life. Although her friends had been taking care of her, I ended up taking her away. When I entered the Immortal World, I left her in an immortal city. I didn’t think that I wouldn’t go back again after leaving.”

Di Jiu had made up his mind to take Xiuqi back with him to find Xiangnu.

Nong Xiuqi’s tears couldn’t help but stream down her face. What she regretted the most was not taking care of Xiangnu.

“I’m sorry. I… I…” Nong Xiuqi felt so guilty that she couldn’t utter a word.

Di Jiu patted Nong Xiuqi and consoled her. “You don’t have to worry. Xiangnu will not blame you.”

She shook her head. “No, Xiangnu will definitely hate me.”

Di Jiu smiled. “Xiangnu is very kind and she only remembers love. She rarely bears grudges. She only yearns for you and Qiushui deep down…”

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Upon hearing that, she felt even guiltier. After all, she had experienced more things, yet she was not as good as Xiangnu.

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