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Chapter 1154

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Chapter 1154

As expected the 5 Star Nucleus provided by Ye Yaoxue’s group has been found to be real after the inspection and the winner of the 1st round is Nether Sect.

Dragon Race elders have very ugly expression. They schemed very meticulously to make sure they win the 1st round, get a head start and increase the morale of their people. Now it has all been ruined. They never expected that four out of five of their very strong contestants would be killed and the Divine Dragon Warrior would go missing. Long Huatai shouted order at his people to go over to the 1st tribulation Heavenly Star to check the situation. They can not just ignore the missing Divine Dragon Warrior, it is a huge loss to them.

Netherworld Great Emperor did not ask Qin Yun about what happened. He is very sure that the miserable defeat of the Dragon Race is due to Qin Yun’s good deed. He always knew that Qin Yun is dependable. He said with chuckle : “Can we begin the 2nd round now?”

Long Huatai has a very ugly expression as he said in cold voice : “2nd round is battle between 1st tribulation Half Immortals. We will hold it on the battle stage here.”

“Xie Wufeng, you go up!” Netherworld Great Emperor said. He is very clear about how powerful a sword cultivator like Xie Wufeng is when using their Origin Sword.

Dragon Race also expected this, after all, last time Xie Wufeng killed a dragon race fighter on top of the Dragon God Altar. This makes the Dragon Race very happy because they believe that they now have a chance to take revenge.

Qin Yun asked of Netherworld Great Emperor through sound transmission : “How many Divine Dragon Warriors does the Dragon Race have?”

“I also don’t know. For past many years, they must have managed to raise quite a lot of them but normally, they don’t come out.” Netherworld Great Emperor replied : “Oh that’s right, did you meet that Divine Dragon Warrior?”

“I captured it!” Qin Yun replied. A sly smile appeared on Netherworld Great Emperor’s face as he nodded. Now he is clear that the other 4 have been killed by Qin Yun’s group.

“Long Ruosheng, you go!” Long Huatai yelled.

A youth suddenly flew out from the Dragon Race’s group. This youth has a horn on his forehead. The horn attracted a lot of attention because it looks like a rhinoceros horn and not a dragon horn.

Xie Wufeng has a very calm expression after standing on the battle stage. Although he only has one arm, he is exuding a very terrifying sword intent which causes people to not underestimate him at all.

After Long Ruosheng landed on the battle stage, he suddenly gripped the horn on his head and vigorously pulled. This caused everyone to cry out in shock. Even Qin Yun is shocked looking at it because it seems like that the horn is actually a sword hilt. Long Ruosheng has actually took out a sword out of his head! His sword began emitting an intense sword intent. There are sword users among the spectators, their sword suddenly began to tremble as if they want to run out of the scabbard.

“This guy is an expert in sword!” Qin Yun is shocked.

“He is a sword cultivator dragon!” Netherworld Great Emperor’s expression became dignified as he said in deep voice.

A dragon that cultivates Origin Sword, even more scary is the fact that he has cultivated using Divine Liquid since childhood. However, Qin Yun is not at all worried, he knows that Xie Wufeng’s strength is deep and unfathomable.

Xie Wufeng also took out his Origin Sword. Although both of them are sword cultivators, their Origin Swords look completely different. Xie Wufeng’s Origin Sword is pitch-black, it’s flickering with ice-cold light and emitting a sharp and penetrating, proud and aloof sword intent. Long Ruosheng’s Origin Sword is light golden, it’s hilt is white. The whole sword looks like a very long horn and it is filled with a domineering and vicious aura. The whole sword is slightly trembling, it is as if the killing intent within is hard to suppress. Two people looked at each other while tightly gripping their swords, two sword intent collided, causing the atmosphere in the area to become repressed.

Although Xie Wufeng’s expression is showing a prideful sharpness, he looks very calm, driven, reserved and ready for action. Long Ruosheng is completely opposite. His eyes are filling with unrestrained killing intent. His sword hand is trembling, it is clear that he is forcefully suppressing his killing intent. Just from the mood, it is very clear that Long Ruosheng is inferior to Xie Wufeng. But for some reason, people are now feeling that Long Ruosheng is stronger. Whether it is his aura or the power suppressed within his body, all are stronger than Xie Wufeng. Long Ruosheng makes people feel like he would go berserk as soon as the battle begins.

“Big brother Xie might suffer a bit of loss!” Qin Yun is calmly looking as he said in his heart.

“That guy has dragon scales as powerful armor. And he also has powerful weapon. So it will be very hard to deal with him.” Ling Yuner said.

Long Ruosheng looked at Xie Wufeng and said with sneer : “A sword cultivator like you is an insult to swords!”

“Using sword to commit evil is an insult to Sword Dao!” Xie Wufeng’s brows are lightly creased as he said : “I find it truly incomprehensible, how did you manage to cultivate your Origin Sword?”

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“Ha ha ha… my sword is for massacring the weak! I can cultivate Origin Sword because I let my sword drink as much blood as it wants and commit as much massacre as it wants!” Long Ruosheng howled in laughter.

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