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Chapter 381 - Tide Of Spirit Beasts

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Chapter 381 Tide Of Spirit Beasts

The embroidered box opened and a piece of blue seal appeared before Ye Chen. The stamp was extremely pure, it looked like a piece of clear blue gemstone. Below the stamp was the word “Storm” written in ancient text.

“This thing should be the lord’s seal of the House of Storms. I wonder what it’s made of. It has some similarities to the Heavenly Astra Seal.” Ye Chen palmed the seal in his right hand and glimpses of Water-type energy spread out from the seal. He was surprised. “Such condensed Water-type Celestial Chi.”

“Little brat Ye Chen, this thing is made of Water-rock Crystal. It’s a very exotic material. It contains extremely condensed Water-type Celestial Chi, serving as a great enhancement for Water-type Celestial Chi cultivators,” Master Lion said.

“When I touched this seal, I reckoned it had some sort of mystical beast sealed within it.” Ye Chen laughed.

Master Lion rolled his eyes. As if something like the Heavenly Astra Seal was so common!

“This thing is extremely valuable. If you were to sell it, it could be easily exchanged for a Myriad Sword Array,” Master Lion informed.

“So valuable?” Ye Chen was surprised.

“By wearing this item, Water-type Celestial Chi cultivators will see tremendous improvement. To some people who are having trouble breaking through their current rank, this is an incredibly sought after treasure,” Mater Lion said, “its value is probably the equivalent of several Tier Nine spirit artifacts.”

Ye Chen looked down at the Storm Seal. He had never thought this item could be so valuable. It was a shame since he did not know anyone who cultivated Water-type Celestial Chi. Little Rou was currently cultivating some sort of mystique Wood-type cultivation system so this Storm Seal would not be of much use for her.

Ye Chen stashed the Storm Seal aside. He was cultivating nine types of cultivation system. The Storm Seal may still be of some use to him.

The apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect were gathered in the back mountain. Under Ye Rou’s lead, they entered the forbidden Mystique Moon zone.

Ye Chen looked in front and beheld the humongous back mountain region. The region was shrouded in layers of restrictive spells. The restrictive spell was not very vivid and could not be seen at a glance. He looked inside the restrictive spell, there within was like a secluded haven, filled with the beautiful fragrance of flowers and the chirping of birds. Even though it was broad daylight, the silhouette of a moon could be seen high above.

It was not surprising that this place was called the forbidden Mystique Moon zone!

“Master Lion, how strong is the restrictive spell?” Ye Chen asked.

“I can’t tell which master set up this restrictive spell but even at my peak, wouldn’t be able to break through it.” Master Lion reflected. “That explains why this place was able to be preserved for so long.”

Ye Chen looked in front and saw Little Rou standing at the edges of the restrictive spell. It was as if her graceful manner was complemented by the beautiful silhouette of the moon, she looked like a goddess who came down to earth.

“Little brat Ye Chen, you sure are lucky. Just coming back from a little sexy lady flirting with you and now you have another little lover here. I’m starting to get jealous.” Master Lion teased.

Ye Chen smiled bitterly. Now and then, Master Lion would blurt out some vulgar remarks so he got used to it at this point.

‘Since the restrictive spell here is strong enough, I suppose I can be at ease,’ Ye Chen thought. He looked at the inner section of the forbidden Mystique Moon zone. It was as beautiful as a dream.

Word was throughout all these years, not a single member of the Scarlet Flame Sect was able to enter the forbidden Mystique Moon zone. He wondered how Little Rou was able to enter.

“Your little lover only brought them to the exterior section of the forbidden zone. This forbidden zone is separated into several sections. Even I can’t figure out what exactly is hidden in this place.” Master Lion frowned slightly.

“Is there danger lurking here?” Ye Chen asked concerningly.

“There’s nothing dangerous here. This forbidden Mystique Moon zone is probably set up by the ancestors of the Scarlet Flame Sect to be passed on to their descendants,” Master Lion thought for a moment before answering.

Just as Ye Chen was about to step foot into the forbidden Mystique Moon zone along with the apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect, an unruly energy erupted and formed an invisible barrier before him. It obstructed him and kept him outside. The energy weighed on him like a million mountains, he could hardly move forward.

“Such terrifying energy!” Ye Chen was shocked. He felt a wave of suppression energy beating at him as he stumbled several steps backward. Even his Astral Body trembled.

“Those who don’t belong to my house shall not intrude the forbidden Mystique Moon zone!” A deep and ancient voice echoed in Ye Chen’s mind. It made his Astral Body shudder uncontrollably.

Ye Chen immediately raised his head and looked far off into the distance. He saw the forbidden Mystique Moon zone enveloped in a cloud of mist. He could not make out if the flowers and trees were illusions or not. His eyes searched everywhere but could not locate the source of the voice.

Was there an almighty being hidden within the forbidden Mystique Moon zone?

Ye Chen looked in front and saw the apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect entering the forbidden Mystique Moon zone one after another. They were not obstructed by any strange force.

“May I ask who exactly this senior is?” Ye Chen delivered a message using his Astral Body.

After several moments, there was still no response. It seemed like that person did not even bother responding to Ye Chen. The air inside the forbidden Mystique Moon zone was tranquil. There were hardly any disruptive noises.

“Big Brother Ye Chen, what’s going on?” Ye Rou looked suspiciously at Ye Chen and asked. She could not figure out why ye Chen suddenly stopped and took several steps backward.

“Nothing.” Ye Chen shook his head. He thought the person inside the forbidden Mystique Moon zone could be one of the ancestors of the Scarlet Flame Sect. It did not seem like there could be any problem for Ye Rou and the others to enter the forbidden Mystique Moon zone. “I’m leaving.”

“Big Brother Ye Chen, are you not going in?” Ye Rou asked. She was a little saddened when she heard Ye Chen announce his leaving.

“I’m not going in.” Ye Chen shook his head and smiled. It did not seem like the person inside the forbidden Mystique Moon zone was very receptive to outsiders. Ye Chen brushed Ye Rou’s soft, long hair with his right hand. He could smell the faint fragrance of a young woman, it made him feel refreshed and at ease.

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The elegant and quiet Little Rou looked like a goddess who came down to the realm of men. Her breathtaking beauty was indescribable.

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