National School Prince Is A Girl

Warring Young Seven, 战七少

Chapter 953 - Escaping

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Chapter 953: Escaping

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Of course, this youngster may be a unique talent.

The two Interpol officers watched as this unique talent picked up the laptop and couldn’t help shaking their heads. They were sure it wasn’t possible to locate the suspect using the internet.

If it had been that easy, they wouldn’t have to come all the way down to China as their country’s hacking skills were the best in Asia and this youngster was from China. CHis computer science abilities were definitely inferior to theirs.

In their native tongue, he was simply displaying his slight skill before an expert.

But the two Interpol officers from Tokyo remained silent because firstly, they had to maintain respectability expected from their country and secondly, they were here to learn from the experiences of this side how they had stopped the ‘Maiden’s Sacrifice’ from escalating.

As per their knowledge, there was an amazing criminal psychologist and profiler here, who had led to the change in events.

This meant that the Japanese were mainly here to seek out Qin Mo as they weren’t aware that Qin Mo had been assisted by someone else.

Using the crime squad’s IP address made Bo Jiu’s search much easier. Due to the surveillance from certain departments, using an IP address from a government body made it possible to track certain things. She just had to use a bit of her hacking skills to continue down her previous path.

However, it wouldn’t be possible to physically distinguish the faces one by one since it would take up way too much time. With the accurate skills of a hacker, the portrait of the suspect’s face could be converted into codes to track down the suspect.

But just as Qin Mo had mentioned, the analysis from a criminal psychologist was required as well, meaning he would have to figure out based on his mannerisms and his actions, what the next likely place was for the suspect to appear after he had been tracked down in one location.

Bo Jiu typed rapidly. As expected, with the crime squad’s IP, it was much easier to infiltrate the systems by the road. These systems didn’t just include convenience stores, they also included ATM machines and the surveillance in parking spaces.

The hacker world’s Young Master’s return also meant the return of the followers.

Many should be aware that a large scale network infiltration wasn’t accomplished by just one hacker. It was just like a game, there had to be help. Of course, the only thing which couldn’t be left out was the leader, a leader who had the eye of an eagle, allowing not one piece of information to seep through, and with the ability to break through any form of network defense out there while escaping nimbly and smoothly.

Once the target had been located, she would go straight down for the kill. That had always been Bo Jiu’s style, sharp yet well thought out.

It wasn’t possible to see the network links through the naked eye and it also wasn’t possible to spot the symbols which appeared when Bo Jiu started.

The person behind the links were different, but had the same goal: to help their Young Master.

With Z’s command, the others disguised into various forms to infiltrate the surrounding defenses to gain information.

They proceeded to send the information to Bo Jiu, who was leading the pack.

The speed of her fingers wasn’t the most accurate gauge of a hacker’s skills. Instead, it was their ability to manipulate codes into speeding up their process and lock down their target.

Even if the people behind, who were collecting information, were stopped by the many firewall obstacles, Bo Jiu didn’t stop. She went all the way until the rows of codes which covered the screens turned into screenshots of videos, all of them with the tall and slender man.

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The two Interpol officers were clearly shocked. It wasn’t as though they were clueless about the internet, but they had never expected to see such a master hidden in China.

The level of skill was probably not attainable even in their country. No, correct that, they had never seen anyone accomplish that in such a short amount of time even on an internal level.

Qin Mo stood beside Bo Jiu. He reached out towards her side, his perfect features elegant. But when he lowered his lids, a sharp glint shone from his eyes. Especially when his gaze hit the screens, it was so sharp it seemed to pierce through one’s heart.

Very quickly, Bo Jiu realized that the Almighty had become a scholar not purely because of his intelligence, but also due to his reading speed. Bo Jiu moved through the images rapidly. The entire time, Qin Mo’s gaze hadn’t stopped moving, reading as fast as Bo Jiu’s hands moved.

In that instant, the two Interpol officers felt as though the two handsome, young men before them were the true law enforcers while they… were completely useless and constantly amazed by their actions.

Why was that so?

The two Interpol officers couldn’t find an answer since there weren’t any records of the both of them.

But why weren’t such talents discovered?

One of the Interpol officers couldn’t hold it in anymore, he wanted to know more about the both of them, hence, he turned towards Director Huang. “What are their jobs?”

One of them was a high school student and the other a CEO. That reply seemed a little lacking. Thus Director Huang hesitated before replying with a common point, “Professional esports players.”

“Esports players?” The two Interpol officer had never expected such a reply. Esports? Gaming?

Director Huang scratched his nose, he didn’t seem to find it believable either. “They still have another match in a few days. If you’re interested, you can go and have a look.”

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The two Interpol officers exchanged glances. “Let’s catch the suspect first.” After all, the most important thing at the moment was to stop the Maiden’s Sacrifice.


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