National School Prince Is A Girl

Warring Young Seven, 战七少

Chapter 1099 - Untitled

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Chapter 1099: Untitled

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This was why the male supporting actor was so arrogant.

 Bo Jiu held her backpack with one hand and kept the other in her pocket. She continued staring at the man without saying anything.

 The male supporting actor somehow felt that the youngster’s gaze was a little sinister. It might be because Bo Jiu stared at him for too long or because her gaze was dark and deep; it was like a bottomless well. The actor felt that he was being scrutinized by someone.

 The fear slowly turned into anger. How dare a Chinese pig stare at him with that kind of look? Didn’t he have any manners? And didn’t he know that every Chinese actor who came here were respectful towards them?

 Since that fellow didn’t know anything, he would educate him.

 The male supporting actor smiled at Bo Jiu. The contempt and disgust in the gaze were obvious.

 The people around him continued laughing.

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 After less than half a minute, the director walked over. Excitement could still be seen all over his face. “Come, come, come. Let’s look at the script first. I’ll ask someone to explain the script to you.”

 Bo Jiu finally retracted her gaze. She pointed her chin in the direction where the male supporting actor was at and asked, “Who is he?”

 The director smiled. “Do you want to make friends with Alan? That’s good. You have some scenes with him and he isn’t filming yet. Maybe he can go through the script with you.”

 Bo Jiu was in deep thought. She gave a small evil smile. “Sure.”

 “Alan! Hey, Alan!” The director called the supporting actor.

 Alan walked over when the director called. He was polite towards the director. Even if he didn’t like a person, he would hide his emotions around the director.

 The director patted his shoulder and said, “Go through the script with Jiu. This is his first time acting.”

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 “His first time acting? Director, I’m really worried. I’m afraid that he might not know how to act even if I go through his scenes with him.” Alan pretended to be joking. However, it was obvious that he looked down on Bo Jiu.

 Two actors who were around them looked over too. One of them didn’t agree with Alan’s actions because he thought that there must be a reason why the director chose this actor. Also, you wouldn’t know a person’s skill until he started acting.

 But Alan didn’t think this way. The moment he saw that the actor came from China, he discriminated against him.

 What a troublesome fellow. That was what some people felt but no one thought that there was a need to stand up for an outsider. Their impression of Chinese actors and actresses remained as people who didn’t have much of a portfolio but loved to walk the red carpet after all.

 They couldn’t deny that there were outstanding actors and actresses. However, this young man shouldn’t be one of them and in this place, acting skill was the most important thing.

 The director frowned and continued, “That’s because you don’t understand Jiu. He will be able to portray the character perfectly just by being himself.”

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 “In that case, my worry is unnecessary.” Alan wouldn’t embarrass the director in such a situation. He took over the script and said, “Let me go through our scenes with him.”

 The director smiled and patted his shoulder.

 Someone came and called the director. Thus, the director told Bo Jiu, “I have to deal with some things. We’ll test the scene once you finish going through the script with him.”

 “Sure.” There was no change in Bo Jiu’s emotions. She maintained a small smile on her face. In that instant, you could feel Qin Mo’s aura on her.

 Would you become more and more similar to another person if you stayed too long with him? Even her aura was like Qin Mo’s now.

 The director left.

 Once he had left, Alan’s attitude changed. He teased Bo Jiu, “Oh no, I forgot that Chinese actors are bad at speaking English. Could it be that you didn’t understand what I was saying at all? That will be awkward.”

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 The people around them noticed that Bo Jiu had no reaction and thus thought that she really didn’t understand English.

 Alan smiled again and placed the script at the side. “I wonder where the director found such a stupid pig like you. You’re a waste of everyone’s time.”

 “Alan.” The other actor couldn’t stand him anymore and reminded him.

 Alan saw that the other actor’s status wasn’t as high as his so he disregarded him. “Take care of yourself.”

 Right at this moment, the youngster was still standing in the same relaxed posture with a hand in his pocket. He opened his mouth and said slowly in Chinese, “You’re the real stupid pig.”

 Five words in an indifferent tone. The people who knew the Chinese language understood what she was saying but Alan frowned. “What?”

 “I said, you’re stupid.” Her English accent was authentic. Her voice was enchanting and had the unique tone of a youngster. It seeped into Alan’s ears like an ever-flowing stream. “I said, you’re a stupid pig, in Chinese.”

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 She spoke both English and Chinese.

 Anger appeared on Alan’s face. His face was as red as a pig’s liver. He hadn’t expected the youngster to be able to understand what he said. He had even repeated his words in both English and Chinese and thus felt humiliated.

 “You!” Alan wanted to beat the youngster in a fit of anger.

 He had already grabbed the youngster’s collar. The veins on his arm popped out. His force of presence was frightening.

 His manager pulled him back. “Calm down. Alan, calm down! This person was brought here by the director.”

 Alan gritted his teeth and took his hand away. He glared at Bo Jiu like a poisonous snake and threatened her, “Little brat, just wait.”

 Bo Jiu smiled gently as she tidied her clothes. “Sure, I’ll wait.”

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 The calmer she was, the angrier Alan got. He almost lost control of his emotions.

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 There was a Chinese backstage staff member standing at the side. He pulled Bo Jiu back and told the manager, “I’ll talk to him.”


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