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Chapter 1291 - Third Young Master Ye was Scammed, A Shocking Reversal (IV)

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Chapter 1291: Chapter 1291 Third Young Master Ye was Scammed, A Shocking Reversal (IV)

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However, Tang Ling did not have any reaction. He did not even look at her. Her eyes flashed quickly, she continued, “Then, Chief Tang hugged me and kissed me. I was very scared at that time. I struggled with all my might and cried out for help. Chief Tang hit me and injured me all over. Then, he raped me…” The woman cried as she spoke, it was even more pitiful.

“Wait a minute. You mean, as soon as you went upstairs, Tang Ling pulled you into the room and then raped you?” Chu Wuyou suddenly asked.

When the woman heard Chu Wuyou’s question, she was obviously stunned. She quickly looked up at Chu Wuyou. A trace of panic quickly flashed across her face. However, she quickly calmed down and nodded slowly. “Yes.”

Miss Gong’s red and swollen eyes stared straight at Chu Wuyou, with a hint of grievance and an obvious questioning tone.

All the reporters quickly turned to Chu Wuyou. Some of them aimed their cameras at Chu Wuyou, thinking that Chu Wuyou had discovered something. They all thought that Chu Wuyou might say something amazing next.

“Oh, I was just asking casually. Miss Gong, please continue.” Chu Wuyou raised her eyebrows slightly and shrugged. It looked like she was really just asking casually.

Of course, Chu Wuyou was not asking casually because she was sure that Miss Gong was lying. She knew very well who Tang Ling was.

Even if Tang Ling really wanted a woman, he would not be so impatient.

Tang Ling went upstairs with the two princes. How could he pull the hotel attendant into the room on the spot?

However, this attendant went upstairs with Tang Ling. The CCTV showed it clearly.

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Logically speaking, the attendant should have gone downstairs after opening the door for the guest, but she did not.

“So, I want to ask Captain Gu, is this an investigation? Or is it an act?” Chu Wuyou was worried that she would not be able to perform, but she did not expect Gu Qingyu to give her help.

Mm, that’s great. How considerate!!!

“With Captain Gu’s att.i.tude, he actually announced Tang Ling’s conviction on the spot just now. Captain Gu, even if it’s an act, please act more seriously. There are so many people watching. He’s not serious in investigating the case, and he’s so eager to convict. Is this really good?” Chu Wuyou knew, reporters who could enter the eighth floor were not simple. They all had brains.

When the reporters heard Chu Wuyou’s words, their faces became more thoughtful.

Collecting evidence in public, it was somewhat unjustifiable when it came to examination.. Now, when the victim was explaining the process, the police actually did not even take a statement.

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