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Chapter 455 - Cozying Up To Someone Powerful Badly

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Chapter 455: Cozying Up To Someone Powerful Badly

He Yidu nodded in agreement and turned to Lu Chengzhou. “Brother Cheng, how many people do you think will be left?”

At the beginning of the training session, the intensity had gotten out of hand, so when everyone reached the assessment, they thought that the hard times were over.

Yet, the hard times were here.

Lu Chengzhou looked at the screen and did not answer.

The people in the control team brought a few boxes of equipment to the training grounds. After they distributed it to the seven trainees, the assessment officially began.

Gu Mang turned to leave the assessment ground.

She disappeared onscreen and Lu Chengzhou lowered his head to respond to his email on his phone with one hand.

Qin Fang looked at He Yidu. “I heard that the technical team used a lot of new things this time, including their precious bionic training robots.”

He Yidu held a cigarette in his hand. “High-tech can sometimes deceive people.”

Qin Fang frowned. After being silent for a few seconds, he asked, “How should we handle someone hacking the system like Gu Si hacked the drone?”

Using things from the technical team against the people on the training team.

He Yidu turned his face slightly towards him. “The technical team will just accept the person.”

He had heard Lu Jiu say that the technical team had been looking into Gu Si for some time and that they had naively tried to recruit Gu Mang in the past as well.

But the technical team was not that easy to crack.

Qin Fang talked to He Yidu from time to time about the performance of the students. After a while, Gu Mang walked into the medical room from outside. Lu Chengzhou looked over.

She took off her hat and mask, revealing her delicate features. She then walked straight towards Lu Chengzhou.

Qin Fang smiled. “Little sister-in-law, you are too cruel to Gu Si.”

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Gu Mang lowered her eyebrows and remained silent.

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