My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Cabbage Flatbread, 霉干菜烧饼

Chapter 1211 - Top Star Found Her Love

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Chapter 1211 Top Star Found Her Love

Cai Yan and Rose looked at each other, it was far from their expectations.

“As a matter of fact, for the last 50 years, Sea Eagles might have been the top first or second ranked mercenary in the world but they have never won against that mercenary in the Caesar Assembly.” Ron continued to rouse their interest.

Rose was so intrigued as she was curious to know about Yang Chen’s past. She shook Ron’s sleeves and asked, “Mister Ron, don’t keep us hanging. Tell us about the mercenary. Who are they?”

Yang Chen couldn’t stand it when Rose started to behave coquettishly and he answered on Ron’s behalf, “The mercenary belongs to a clan called ps. They have already taken the top rank before I showed up.”

“Ps? What does it mean?”

“Cyclops, they were created by God. Similar to the Titans, they are skilled at forging weapons.” Ron explained, “Well, even though that clan is mysterious and no one knows the location of their headquarters, they are all normal humans and not real cyclops. However, every clan member has great powers and physique. They are also vicious and ruthless to the point that people were suspicious of their bloodline. It wasn’t weird since the Panthers and Shamans were born with great magical talents and the sorcerers from the Sword in the Stone, their magical powers were passed on from generation to generation. But because they are all arrogant and obstinate, people weren’t willing to hire them even though they always took the top spot. They are expensive yet disobedient. Apparently, someone hired them once but they accepted the enemy’s money and killed the employer instead. Despite their bad reputation, they could still join the Caesar Assembly since the Assembly doesn’t take this into account. However, people don’t really talk about them so they are not really well known.”

“They sound terrifying,” Rose bit her lip while saying that but her eyes were glowing as if she was looking forward to meeting them. She turned around to look at Yang Chen, “Hubby, did you join the last session? Are they stronger than you?”

Yang Chen rolled his eyes, “You think too much. I’m not qualified to join the assembly. I never hired a mercenary and I have divinity so I can’t take part in international affairs like this. Those who participate in the Assembly are elites from the Sea Eagles. Ordinary people wouldn’t be a match for the Sea Eagles, but ps does have members with unique traits so it makes sense if they lost to ps.”

“Fortunately the Caesar Assembly banned malice murder so they have not gone further than incapacitating their opponent.” Callejón laughed mischievously, “Your Majesty Pluto, shall we go watch the match next Monday? I heard the new guys in Sea Eagle are pretty skilled. They might have a shot against ps.”

Yang Chen wasn’t really interested. From what he had witnessed four years ago, the members of ps were at least in the Full Cycle of the Xiantian stage. If he hadn’t broken the seal and used the space laws, he might have lost to them.

Hence, even if the Sea Eagles had become stronger, they still wouldn’t stand a chance against ps.

Upon seeing the eager expression on Cai Yan and Rose, Yang Chen asked with a smile, “Are you guys interested?”

The ladies nodded hard.

“We can go then. But I can’t stay here for the whole week. You guys can stay here first and I’ll come back next week to accompany both of you.” Yang Chen didn’t want to make Lin Ruoxi jealous again.

The ladies were beaming with excitement. They couldn’t wait for the day to come.

After the meal, Yang Chen gave them a tour in his castle and just like Lin Ruoxi, they immediately understood his intention upon seeing a large number of rooms in the castle. Unlike Lin Ruoxi, they were more embarrassed than upset.

Yang Chen showed them his collection and facilities inside the castle and also talked to Ron about things he had to pay attention to before the ladies say goodbye.

When he was embracing Cai Yan, he purposely whispered into her ear, “I’ll eat you up the next time I see you.”

Cai Yan was startled at first but blood soon rushed up to her face and she hid behind Rose.

Yang Chen smirked and disappeared in a flash.

It was already daytime when he returned to Zhonghai and Yang Chen thought it was time to go to work so he drove straight to the company.

Right when he arrived, things felt odd to him. The office was supposed to be hustling and bustling with energy but the air was stiff. Employees were also looking at him with a complex gaze.

Yang Chen walked into his office and saw Zhao Teng walking around in circles with a frustrated expression.

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“Director Yang! You’re finally here!!” Zhao Teng shrieked.

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