My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Cabbage Flatbread, 霉干菜烧饼

Chapter 1210 - Caesar

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Chapter 1210: Caesar

Half the day had passed as they were in the kindergarten. As evening came, the crowd started to reduce, and the greyish sky started to snow again.

Lanlan fell asleep in Lin Ruoxi’s arms not long after she got in the car, her little mouth still moving as if she was thinking of eating something when she got home.

Lin Ruoxi was sitting at the backseat along with Hui Lin. Hui Lin was holding the camera as she replayed the videos taken in the afternoon. She found them interesting and wouldn’t get bored of it, she even turned off the volume so that it would not startle Lanlan.

Yang Chen was in front driving, seeing the two women smiling from the rear mirror, and his daughter’s silly sleeping pose, he couldn’t help but feel warm waves in his heart.

Such an ordinary sense of happiness and satisfaction, was this what he dreamt of when he returned to China? At least now, this felt really fascinating, if no one was there to monitor him, if no one came to trouble him, it would have been nice to live peacefully.

This was the first time in his life that he felt Christmas was too short and wanted it to be longer.

The next day, it was time to bring Cai Ning and Rose to The Forgotten Realms.

He had informed Ron earlier and the old man had already prepared everything the two women needed. He had even arranged the maids that were supposed to take care of their daily needs.

Rose and Cai Ning brought their own personal items but there weren’t many luggages.

Departing from China, flying straight to the Mediterrenean with the two women only took them ten minutes plus. It was the first time for Yang Chen to be flying with his women this way, he felt proud of it.

Although their arrival time was night, the two women could still see things clearly at night after reaching the Soul Forming Stage, so it didn’t affect them enjoying the beautiful scenery.

“You guys are here just right in time, the winter in Mediterrenean is mild and rainy and it’s not dry or cold as well. You are here to enjoy,” Yang Chen said with a smile as soon as they landed.

Rose and Cai Ning were indeed attracted by the breathtaking views here, their eyes were filled with glory. Initially they felt slightly reluctant to go abroad for the sake of avoiding Hongmeng, but now they seem to be killing two birds with one stone, they could enjoy a vacation here.

Stepping on the soft sandy beach, Yang Chen led the two and strolled along the coastline to his own castle. Ron had already opened up a bottle of champagne to welcome them.

“Honey, you said that everything here is yours?” Rose asked as she was playing with a big seashell she picked up earlier.

Yang Chen was quite proud, “The entire group, and the surrounding seas, are not only mine, but also my private navy. These areas are gray areas, and no country can approach and detect, so they will not be found on the map.”

“Is it that all gods have their own territory or is it just you honey?” Cai Ning was curious.

Yang Chen thought for a while, and said, “Actually, I am not sure either. Earth is not exactly big but not small as well. The gods left behind are all beings of at least 20,000 years old and they are familiar with every corner of the planet. If you want a private territory like this, it’s definitely easy, just to see if they’re willing to get it. I heard from Christen that she has a private territory in Canada, and Poseidon has one around Hawaii. I don’t know about the other territories. Everyone’s preferences are different and they might not be bothered about this.”

“If it’s like this, I think Hongmeng from China is more pitiful. They are always hiding in the Fantasy Realm and are not chic at all,” Rose said ironically.

“Probably because of Athena’s deterrence. After all cultivation isn’t easy, no one would want to purposely go through it.

Yang Chen thought in his heart, if the gods only had 20 to 30% of their strength left, let alone Athena, anyone of them could slaughter an entire field of Chinese cultivators.

Perhaps Hongmeng was afraid of something that they didn’t know that’s why they had been hiding in the Fantasy Realm. It was mostly an excuse not to affect the order of the world.

Unconsciously, while chatting, the three of them had already reached under the huge castle.

Both Rose and Cai Ning looked at Yang Chen’s “apartment building” with a bit of amazement. It was so big, and it was almost like the king’s castle in a fairy tale.

Yang Chen took the two women’s hands and jumped easily to the high cliff. Outside the castle, Ron was dressed in a black vintage suit and bow tie, and he had brought a few old friends who lived there, waiting with a smile.

“Your Majesty Pluto, two beautiful ladies, welcome home,” Ron was gentlemanly leaning to the side and spoke in Mandarin specifically.

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Yang Chen patted the old man’s shoulders and greeted several acquaintances. These were all subordinates who had retired from his mercenary group and the upper level of the ZERO organization. The feelings between each other came from bloodshed and there was no need to say more.

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