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Chapter 1209 - Carnival

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Chapter 1209 Carnival

“You won’t be having anything to do at home right, why don’t you follow us to Lanlan’s event? You are her aunt anyways,” Lin Ruoxi said with a smile.

Hui Lin was surprised and stunned at that moment.

“It’s not that good is it? They are inviting family members, and me…I might cause inconvenience for you guys,” Hui Lin was tempted to go but still brought up her concerns.

“Is it because you became a star that you aren’t willing to go out with us?” Lin Ruoxi jokingly said.

“No such thing. Sister, you know it’s not like this, I am just afraid that I might cause trouble,” Hui Lin sighed helplessly.

Yang Chen could understand Lin Ruoxi’s intention as well, she didn’t want Hui Lin to feel lonely or isolated. He then said while smiling, “ If you treat us as family, you won’t have to think about ‘trouble’ because that’s for outsiders. There aren’t any troubles in our family.”

Family huh… Hui Lin took a glance at Yang Chen complicatedly but nodded with a smile right after.

Half an hour later, Yang Chen was driving three women to Yun Hua Kindergarten.

The kindergarten was being decorated with a Christmas and New Year playground, and brilliant cartoons and Christmas styled accessories could be seen everywhere. Although it was snowing a few days ago, they had all melted by now.

However, due to the cold weather, the kids were all wrapped in thick clothes despite playing actively. All of them looked like round snowballs which was extremely cute.

Yang Chen and the others brought Lanlan into the kindergarten and she quickly found her friends that she was close to and ran toward them.

Although the fight that happened before caused many kids to be afraid of Lanlan, her personality gave her an advantage in making new friends. Besides, kids are all forgetful about things, Xiao Ya and the other girls had already got back together with Lanlan.

In order to camouflage herself, Hui Lin carefully wore a mask in addition to a simple grey coat, it wasn’t easy to recognize her.

The carnival hosted by the kindergarten this time had many games and the kids wouldn’t be able to understand and play alone so they invited the parents over to have fun together.

Teacher Hou saw Yang Chen and the wife, her smile immediately got brighter, “Lanlan’s parents are here too, and I was worried that you two would be busy for work. “This is?” She looked at Hui Lin while speaking.

“Hello there, I am Lanlan’s aunt,” Hui Lin said gently and nodded.

“Ah, I see. Welcome here, are you having a cold, do take care of yourself,” Although Teacher Hou felt awkward, she still greeted her politely.

Lin Ruoxi asked nicely, “Teacher Hou, our Lanlan didn’t cause any trouble these days did she?”

“Of course not! Lanlan is very obedient and diligent, I suppose it’s from a good family education,” Teacher Hou immediately flattered them. She wasn’t dumb as well, having a good relationship with them would definitely benefit her.

Lin Ruoxi was satisfied with her answer. She could treat other things rationally, but if someone mentioned that her daughter was not good, she would think that the others were at fault as well.

It was a free time session in the morning and at noon, the teachers were in charge of facilitating different technical games such as, sticking nose, pitch-pot etc. There were also competitions like jumping rope and hula hoops that required more energy.

It was stated that if anyone won a game and got champion, they could get a big toy plushie or chocolates which were things that children liked, that’s why Lanlan was very excited.

However, under Lin Ruoxi’s request, games such as jumping rope, shooting balloon and hula hoops were games that Lanlan would win without any doubt, so she told her to control herself.

Based on what mommy said, as long as she got number one it’s fine, she didn’t have to use full force!

Even so, the chubby little girl almost won every single game in the carnival, the other parents were all amazed!

Yang Chen felt that this was too normal so it wasn’t very special to him. However, Lin Ruoxi was extremely proud of her daughter and colours filled her eyes.

Hui Lin was also affected by such joyful and innocent activity and was cheering for Lanlan aside. She was pretty busy helping her carry the prizes won.

Many of the parents came up to Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi to ask for some tips in training their child’s physique.

Yang Chen didn’t know how to answer the question and Lin Ruoxi had always been a quiet person so he casually answered, “ If your child can finish more than ten steaks in a meal, they can be like this as well.”

Yang Chen had cut it short but the other parents still felt that it was fake.

After having a simple lunch, it was finally afternoon and it’s time for the kids to perform.

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In the hall, the kids and parents were sitting in the audience area, the performing ones were backstage preparing.

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