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Chapter 475 - Sitting Here and Waiting for Death Isn’t My Style

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Chapter 475 – Sitting Here and Waiting for Death Isn’t My Style

Editor: Zephyr04 Translator: Jhung

Although the Air Force Regiment weighed on Ling Mo, it didn’t really affect his mood.

Regarding on how he wanted to deal with it, he already had a plan in mind—-

Since the other party wasn’t going to give up, then he wasn’t going to just sit still.

After cleaning up the battlefield a little bit and arranging things for Xiao Bai, Ling Mo returned to the hotel.

After going up the stairs, he went straight towards Lucy’s room, and pushed open the door.

Inside the room, Lucy was sitting on the bedside. Leaning against the wall next to her was Shana. Although she seemed quite bored, she was watching Lucy’s every move.

Seeing Ling Mo coming in, Lucy’s expression looked complicated. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but in the end, she said nothing.

Ling Mo pulled a chair over, sat down in front of Lucy, and asked, “You heard the sounds below, right?”

Both of them were sitting very close. The moonlight outside penetrated the window, and Lucy could clearly see the expression on Ling Mo’s face.

She seemed to wish that she could understand something from Ling Mo’s face, but apart from the paleness after a battle, she couldn’t see anything else…

If she had to say something, his eyes did seem to be a bit brighter than before, and he seemed to have more energy.

“Who… Who were they?”

Lucy had an expression that she obviously already knew the answer, but she still asked hesitantly as if she was still holding on to a glimmer of hope.

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“They were sent by the Air Force Regiment.” Ling Mo said, staring at Lucy’s eyes.

Lucy’s face immediately paled.

After a few seconds, she looked at Ling Mo and suddenly smiled miserably, “Just kill me.”


“Why on earth would I do that…”

Ling Mo blinked and stared in surprise at this girl who suddenly turned from a cold violent woman to a self-pitying girl.

“Were all human females so emotionally unstable?” Since Ling Mo was usually around female zombies, he didn’t understand the thoughts of ordinary girls at all.

“She was just fine a few seconds ago. Why did she suddenly turn on death-seeking mode…”

“And she wasn’t the type that grabbed the other person with her hands, preventing them from drawing their sword, yet sorrowfully shouting “kill me…””

This girl… whether it’s her eyes or her expression, she made it clear that she was serious!

“Um… Did you get the wrong idea or something….” Ling Mo said bitterly.

With such a desperate and calm look, it made him feel uncomfortable….

“Why… Aren’t you going to kill me?” Lucy was taken aback for a moment, then said, “Aren’t you suspicious of me? For example, on whether I left clues for them to find you? Our Fire Group and the Air Force Regiment are part of the alliance after all….”

“This is the first time I’ve seen someone try to persuade someone else to kill them and also help them find reasons… Lady, that’s enough. There should really be a limit to how many times you want to seek death…”

Ling Mo murmured in his heart, spread out his palms, and opened a ball of paper, “Smell this. What do you think this is?”

Lucy took a close sniff, then looked up suspiciously, “Explosives?”

“Yeah. I found it downstairs. The other party sent a woman to plant explosives. Their purpose, of course, was to blow us all up… together. With that being said, you and I are both on the same boat. So why would I kill you?”

Ling Mo smoothly kneaded the paper ball up, and gave it to Lucy, “Besides, in order for me to deal with the Air Force Regiment, there are many things that require your help. Of course, I also have some other preparations on my side. The connections that I made previously can also be used this time. Even if I’m a low-class civilian, I’m not that easy to trample to death like they think.”

Not only will he not be trampled to death, but he’ll also kill them.


After receiving so much information at once, Lucy was also stunned for a while.

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When Lucy first heard the explosion, she had wanted to check it out, but she didn’t expect Shana to block her as soon as she opened her door.

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