My Father in Law is Lu Bu


Chapter 490

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Chapter 490

“Assemble the soldiers!” The order was given. As their shift was just about to end, the soldiers could only gather exhaustedly.

“Move faster!” All the commanders pushed their subordinates. This is because Liu Biao gave a death order. If they do not gather within an hour, all of their heads would roll.

“Li Er! What is going on? Why are we gathering the troops at this hour?” One soldier asked.

“How would I know?” The soldier named Li Er replied in a bad mood. He was just hit in the face by his superior officer for being slow. There were many other victims who cursed like Li Er.

“Did Jiangdong attack?” One person asked skeptically. Xiangyang was one of Jingzhou’s richest area and it was far behind the front lines. If the enemy could reach Xiangyang, then it would mean Jingzhou was about to fall. The soldiers stationed in Xiangyang also seldom seen battle. Plenty of influential people have their children serve here because it was safe.

The possibility of this being an attack from Jiangdong was shocking to many. Although the frontlines was far and a distant thing to them, Jingzhou had more losses than wins. So these soldiers were aware of the enemy’s strength.

“If the soldiers in Jiangxia can’t win, how could we?” One person panicked. Although these people all looked down on the soldiers in Jiangxia for needing to brave death despite not having plenty of provisions, they all knew that these soldiers were superior in war.

“Win? Are you all idiots? If the Jiangxia troops cannot win, we would most likely end up surrendering immediately!”

“That’s right! But then why are we gathering here?”

Meanwhile, the soldiers were being observed by Kuai Yue and the others.

“Brother Degui. Are these your elites?” Kuai Yue asked his friend in disappointment as he looked at the panicking soldiers.

“Haha. This is simply too sudden.” Cai Mao awkwardly gave an excuse. Normally, Cai Mao who had direct control of Xiangyang’s troops could be seen bragging that his army was better than Huang Zu’s. He would say that Sun Ce would have long been defeated if it was not because he had to protect Xiangyang. However, others could now see that his men were all pathetic.

“Brother Degui. You should not only think of money.” Kuai Yue patted Cai Mao’s shoulder.

“Kuai Yidu! You say it as though you would earn less!” Cai Mao replied in a bad mood. One third of the employees were noble children that paid money to Cai Mao to slack off in the army. One third went to curry favor with Liu Biao and the last group went to Kuai Yue.

“Really?” It was Kuai Yue’s turn to feel awkward. He could not remember but there was a person that curried favor with Kuai Yue and ended up recommended as a 1000-man commander.

“Aside from Wen Pin and Huang Zu, isn’t the two of us the one having complete control over the flow of money?” Cai Mao smiled confidently. The army needed provisions so Cai Mao paid a lot of attention to his navy. His navy were genuine elites. However, Cai Mao’s real trump card was his wealth. If he controlled the flow of money, Wen Pin and Huang Zu would be forced to obey him.

Kuai Yue did not agree or refute Cai Mao. He looked at the disorderly mob for a while and then asked, “Have you sent the messenger?”

“I have already dispatched him.” Cai Mao nodded. He did not know what was going on but it was better to be prepared.

“I have to really thank you for having this position. Otherwise, the messenger would not have arrived in time!” Kuai Yue teased. These men were so disorderly that they took a very long time to assemble. This bought them time. If the soldiers were properly trained, they would have already set out for Jingshan.

Liu Biao waited for an hour. He then got up on his horse and coldly looked at Kuai Yue and Cai Mao. After giving the order to set out, he and five thousand soldiers galloped to Jingshan.


“Miss Xiao Cui! Someone wants to see the Lady!” The guard Zhang Hong reported.

“Didn’t I say that she is not seeing anyone?” Xiao Cui immediately refused.

“No, this is not an outsider but someone sent by Military Advisor Cai!”

“Military Advisor Cai?” Xiao Cui quickly stood up. Cai Mao was her Lord so the person he dispatched would be an important person.

“Why did Military Advisor Cai sent someone over for?” Xiao Cui asked. Lady Cai could not meet anyone at the moment and Xiao Cui was also unable to go and personally receive this guest.

“I don’t know. That person did not say. He simply said that he needed to meet Lady Cai.”

“I understand. Bring this person to the lobby and tell him that the Lady will come soon.” Xiao Cui wanted to reject the man entry but as the man may have something important to discuss, she could only let him him.

“I understand.” Zhang Hong replied and left.

Meanwhile, the messenger was anxiously waiting for Lady Cai. Initially he thought of rushing in but the guards stopped him. Even if he was one of Cai Mao’s men, Cai Mao would not be able to protect him from Lady Cai’s anger.

When he saw Zhang Hong come out, he immediately stepped forward to ask for Lady Cai. “Where is the Lady?”

“Do not be so anxious. The Lady said to wait at the lobby for a while. She will come out soon.” Zhang Hong replied to the messenger.

“No! There is not enough time! Let me see her immediately!” The messenger said and tried to rush in again. He was immediately stopped by two swords being pointed at his face.

“How dare you!” The guards shouted. In the end, the messenger could only grit his teeth and left for the lobby.

At the lobby, the impatient messenger walked back and forth endlessly. Xiao Cui who approached with a tray also saw this and furrowed her brows.

When the messenger heard someone approaching him, he turned and immediately shouted. “Milady!” However, when he saw that it was Xiao Cui, he quickly asked, “Where is the Lady?”

“The Lady will come soon, she told me to serve you tea first.”

“No! There is only about an hour left before he comes!” The messenger’s anxiety worsened.

“What do you mean? I am the Lady’s personal servant. I can relay any message for you immediately.” Xiao Cui replied.

“Sigh. I will just say it then! The Lord of Jingzhou will arrive in less than an hour!” The messenger made up his mind and explained. If he had waited any longer, the message won’t be delivered in time so he did not have much of a choice.

“What? What did you say? Say it again!” Xiao Cui asked again. She could not believe her ears. The messenger then repeated himself.

“No. This is not good.” Xiao Cui shook her head. How could Lady Cai meet anyone right now? If Liu Biao saw Lady Cai in that state, everyone in this residence would die.

“Did Military Advisor Cai say why the Lord of Jingzhou is coming?” Xiao Cui asked wanting to know why.

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“Military Advisor Cai himself does not know. There was an assassin earlier. A guard was killed and a letter was found on his body. The Lord of Jingzhou decided to come here after reading the letter! Military Advisor Cai did not know the reason for this but told us to come here ahead of time to inform the Lady when he saw the Lord of Jingzhou’s expression! Please quickly inform the Lady!”

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