My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

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Chapter 1184 - Love Kills

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Chapter 1184: Love Kills

She hated him.

Leng Hao curled his lips. “You can just hate me, but Xiaotao, forget about me.”

He wanted her to forget about him!

Ye Xiaotao clenched her fists and bit down hard on her lips. She didn’t want to cry because he had humiliated her enough. She wanted to preserve some dignity for herself.

“Forget about me because I will forget about you too. In the future, I will marry a good girl and have another son. It doesn’t matter if I have a few children. I can afford it. In the future, I will make you disappear from my mind completely. I will live a very good life.”

“Lastly, Xiao Tao, I will be back in Hong Kong today. I will not have the chance to see you again in the future. I don’t want to see you again. Here, I wish you and Gong Yi a happy newlywed and always be together till your old time.”

Leng Hao hung up the phone.

Ye Xiaotao heard the busy tone from the other end of the line. A “PA” sound could be heard, she threw her phone against the wall.

The phone shattered.

The tears in her eyes could not be held back anymore. She hugged her knees and cried loudly. It was as if a knife was slicing her heart. It hurt so much.

It hurt so much that her entire world was destroyed.

Four years ago, he did not return from the fire. Four years later, he abandoned her again.

She had made her plans to remarry him. She wanted to talk to him properly. However, she could not put down her pride. She needed him to coax her.

She wanted to give him a lesson. She wanted him to learn from his past experiences and treat her well in the future.

But, he wouldn’t.

He said he would forget her, he said he would marry another girl, he said he would have children with someone else, he even said he would never see her again, he even said he wished her and Gong Yi to be happy forever…

Why did he hurt her like this as every word he said stabbed her heart?

This b*stard, she hated him!


The phone in Leng Hao’s hand slid down slowly. His face was pale and he remained silent.

Achen’s heart was painful. “President, why did you say that? Every word you say goes against your heart. She will hate you. She will marry Gong Yi and forget about you.”

“I just told the truth…”


“I wish her and Gong Yi a happy marriage and grow old together. I don’t have the care and love that I can give her. Gong Yi will do it for me.”


Leng Hao looked at the blue sky outside the window, “Maybe she will hate me for a few days. It doesn’t matter. I’ll bear it. It’s fine if she forgets me. Let me bear the pain from four years ago and Xiao Xiao Tao’s pain alone. I hope she can get over it. Her future will be beautiful, but…”

“But there are a lot of things I haven’t told her.” Leng Hao’s handsome and cold face revealed a tender expression, ”

In that room in Hong Kong, I didn’t decorate the things for Bai Lingyun. The size-37 shoes were not for Bai Lingyun. I don’t know how old Bai Lingyun is either. The first time I bought shoes for a woman, were the crystal shoes for her. The shop assistant said that women usually wear size-37 shoes. I believed her.”

“It’s the first time I bought roses for her, the first time I wanted to watch a movie with her seriously. The first time I was jealous of her with that senior. The first time… I wanted to be old with her slowly like this. Even if reality distorts my feelings, time can not take away my love.”

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