My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Zi Yunxi, 梓云溪

Chapter 935 - Exposing You

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Chapter 935: Exposing You

“Then say it!” Qiao Mu’s voice also turned cold.

“You sure you want me to say it right now? Qiao Mu!!” Nevertheless, Qiao Ya maintained a firm expression of “you won’t be able to handle it.”

This made it so that even Qiao Mu couldn’t help but be somewhat curious?

Ha ha, what kind of leverage over her could Qiao Ya have? She really wanted to know too.

“Don’t be unable to tell what’s good for you!” Qiao Ya roared.

Sixth Aunt Qiao hastily ran over and pulled at her daughter’s arm, admonishing her while weeping, “Xiao Qiao, don’t lose your mind! Let’s go back quickly. Don’t speak this way to the crown prince consort.”

“What crown prince consort! Maybe a vicious and greedy crown prince consort that stepped on us to get ahead!” As Qiao Ya angrily broke free from her mother Sixth Aunt Qiao’s arms, she coldly questioned Qiao Mu, “I’ll just ask you. Doesn’t your conscience hurt after having done that kind of thing?”

Before Qiao Mu could flare up, Shaoyao angrily hurled a fist straight at Qiao Ya’s back. “You fr*cking get lost! Who do you think you are with this self-assured expression? How is our Miss’s conscience not at ease?”

Shaoyao’s mystic energy cultivation was undoubtedly higher than Qiao Ya’s.

If this fist landed, Qiao Ya wouldn’t need to think of saying anything anymore.

However, Qiao Mu’s small figure flickered, and she caught hold of Shaoyao’s fist.

Afterwards, Qiao Mu turned to Qiao Ya and said insipidly, “Say it.”

Although she didn’t consider herself a good person, she still disdained resorting to mean or petty tricks.

What kind of secret could Qiao Ya grasp? It really was ridiculous.

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At this, Qiao Ya revealed a cocksure expression. “You really want me to say it here in front of so many people?”

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