My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Zi Yunxi, 梓云溪

Chapter 1211 - You're a Freaking Shill Bidder!

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Chapter 1211: You’re a Freaking Shill Bidder!

When Qiao Mu’s voice rang out, everyone inside the room looked at her simultaneously.

*Knock, knock.* Huifeng opened the door before walking and stepping aside for the attendants to come in with the tea.

This time, it wasn’t that woman from before who had been winking so much that her eyes were basically convulsing. After the two male attendants politely served them tea, they inadvertently looked at Mo Lian and the others before swiftly retreating outside again.

“105 thousand, 105 thousand! Right now, Room Nine is bidding 105 thousand.”

“106 thousand!”

Qiao Mu unhurriedly pulled out a talisman from her sleeve and slapped it into Huifeng’s hand. “This is your share.”

Everyone twitched their mouths.

On the side, Mo Lian explained in both amusement and exasperation. “The crown prince consort is giving you hush money, so take it.”

Huifeng was grinning from ear to ear as he said, “Thank you, Crown Prince Consort.”

He then closed the door with a flash.

“Qiaoqiao, I thought you didn’t think much of this prolongation pill.” Duan Yue felt that the little fellow’s expression right now was particularly hilarious.

This child wasn’t the House of Treasures’s shill bidder right? She clearly didn’t want this prolongation pill, so why was she messing around and jacking up the price?

Qiao Mu explained to them, “I find the person’s voice from the room next door to be quite familiar.”

Everyone: “…”

What kind of reason was this?

The person from Room Nine was bloody unlucky to have run into you!

Mo Lian beckoned to her with a chuckle. “Come drink some tea.”

Meanwhile, the person from Room Nine started to bid again. “110 thousand mystic currency.”

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“111 thousand!”

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