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Chapter 2123 - Blood Beast

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Chapter 2123: Blood Beast

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Qingfeng looked at the Blood Sea before him with concern in his eyes because he smelled a rush of horrifying energy from within the sea. The energy was of at least the saint grade, and it also had hints of a blood beast’s aura.

Splash, splash…

In the next moment, rounds of loud sounds came from beneath the Blood Sea, and a massive Blood Saint Whale flew up.

The Blood Saint Whale was very big, being several ten thousand meters long, as its body was able to tear through several islands, and its tail was also several thousand meters long.

The Blood Saint Whale suddenly waved its tail and blew up a massive sea wave of several hundred feet in height that charged heavily towards Qingfeng and the others.

Qingfeng stood in the sky, as a ray of cold light appeared in his eyes. He suddenly waved his fist to form a massive Strangle Hell Fist that heavily clashed forward onto the Blood Saint Whale’s tail.

With a massive ‘bang’ sound, the fist shattered its tail, and it turned into countless bloody water drops that crashed down from the sky.

Then Qingfeng’s fist charged towards the Blood Saint Whale’s head and clashed above its head in the blink of an eye. It shattered its head with one collision, and like its tail, it turned into countless bloody water splatters and dropped into the Blood Sea beneath.

Even though the Blood Saint Whale was very powerful, and its power had reached the lower-tier saint grade, it had no chance to fight back in front of Qingfeng, as it was destroyed with one punch.

Hints of surprise appeared in the Blood Sea Saint’s eyes when she saw Qingfeng’s powers, and she said, “Qingfeng, how did your powers increase by so much? The Crimson Fire Monarch might not even be able to withstand a punch of yours if he ever meets you again.”

Qingfeng smiled lightly and didn’t say anything. His powers increased massively after he killed the Nine-headed Demonic Saint, Headless Devil Corpse, and the Three-eyed Ghost Saint.

Whether it was attack ability, spirit energy, or the utilization of fist techniques, he had reached an extremely high degree. He could kill even a middle-tier saint if he encountered one, so a mere lower-tier saint grade blood beast would never be able to withstand a punch of his.

Even though Qingfeng had killed a Blood Saint Whale, it didn’t frighten the blood beasts in the Blood Sea. They all rushed towards the Blood Saint Whale’s bloody water, and gathered around, as if they had discovered a delicious meal.

They tore around nonstop within the blood before them, and suddenly, the Blood Saint Whale’s corpse was ripped into countless shreds, as they engulfed it into their own bodies to strengthen their energy.

Qingfeng could clearly see that the blood beasts’ energies were increasing at a greater speed after they ate the Blood Saint Whale’s blood. Several blood beasts had already reached the half saint grade, and they were still increasing at a great speed.

The Blood Sea Saint frowned with her delicate eyebrows, as she explained on the side, “Qingfeng, these blood beasts are like evil devils. They increase their abilities by feeding off of all of the other demonic beasts.”

Qingfeng said, “What a devious group of blood beasts. They would even eat their own species, but the speed that their powers are increasing at is too fast. We must kill them all in a hurry before more groups of stronger blood beasts are attracted over, we can’t give them any time to respond.”

Qingfeng moved his intent and pulled out the Yin-yang Saint Sword from his interspatial ring, as he forcefully waved it forward, a ray of Yin-yang Light was formed. The Light formed a ray of whirlpool that spun heavily towards the Blood Sea before them.

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Over ten thousand blood beasts were gathered within the Blood Sea before them, and they all gathered around Qingfeng’s body in attempts to attack.

However, all of their faces changed dramatically when Qingfeng charged with the Whirlpool Sword. They felt a rush of deadly threat, and they all turned around to run.

But Qingfeng’s Whirlpool Sword moved far too fast as it formed a massive whirlpool that stirred up the entirety of the Blood Sea Waters.

Bang, bang, bang…

In the blink of an eye, Qingfeng shattered countless blood beasts’ bodies, and turned them into countless bloody waters that dispersed within the sky and ground.

“Let’s go, let us continue forward.” Qingfeng drove the spiritual boat forward towards the deepest end of the Blood Sea.

They only killed some blood beasts in the outer corners of the Blood Sea, but they weren’t important. The more powerful blood beasts lived in the deeper ends of the Blood Sea.

These blood beasts’ powers were claimed to have reached the middle-tier of the saint grade, such that even the Blood Sea Monarch wasn’t able to defeat them.

The Blood Sea was going through dramatic changes, as the sea waves blew up into the sky, and bloody seawater rolled around in the depths of the sea, and along with it came various kinds of mutated blood beasts.

There were blood lions, blood tigers, blood leopards, and some other blood beasts that Qingfeng had never seen before.

These blood beasts were all extremely devious, as their eyes glowed with a red light. They weren’t afraid at all after they saw the Blood Sea Saint. Instead their eyes filled with desire, as if they wanted to engulf the Blood Sea Saint.

Qingfeng had also noticed this, as he asked, “Blood Sea Saint, you were once the ruler of the Blood Sea, and controlled the Sea. Those blood beasts should be your followers, but why do they look at you like food, as if they want to eat you?”

The Blood Sea Saint shook her head, laughed bitterly, and said, “Qingfeng, these blood beasts were once my followers, but something has happened to them recently, as if they had been controlled by some evil technique. They’ve refused to listen to my commands, and had even wanted to attack me.”

Qingfeng thought for a moment, and said, “If I’m guessing correctly, there must be a powerful yet evil devil behind these blood beasts. He must be controlling these blood beasts to attack you and the entire Blood Sea. His goal might not only be the Blood Sea, I’m afraid it might also be the entire Crimson Fire Continent.”

The Blood Sea Saint said, “Exactly so. That’s why I went to seek your help, because I know that whoever behind these blood beasts must be incredibly powerful. I’ve once used my spirit energy in an attempt to find out what happened in the deep end, but I was bounced back. My spirit energy was even wounded and was nearly eaten by him.”

As Qingfeng spoke with the Blood Sea Saint, ten thousand or so blood beasts rushed forward from the Blood Sea and charged towards Qingfeng.

Qingfeng didn’t care at all, as he flipped the Yin-yang Saint Sword in his hands, and forcefully slashed forward. A ray of Yin-yang Light shot out again.

The Yin-yang Light shattered the air, as it tore through space and directly killed the ten thousand or so blood beasts before them. They turned into countless pieces and dispersed within the heaven and ground.

Even though there were plenty of blood beasts in the Blood Sea, over tens of thousands, Qingfeng was quite powerful and had already reached a stage where he was able to do anything he wanted.

Qingfeng only needed to softly point his sword forward to crack open space, freeze time, and kill all of the blood beasts. Qingfeng would only treat it seriously once he encountered a blood beast above the saint grade.

Shortly afterwards, the spiritual boat arrived at the very center of the Blood Sea. There was a massive island there, the size of Lingyun. It was once the Blood Sea Saint’s turf, but now it had been taken over by countless blood beasts.

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