Monarch of Evernight

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Volume 8 - Chapter 896: Will You Do the Same?

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But asking for help was never an easy thing to do. Qianye hesitated for a long while before saying, “That… Tianqing…”

Ji Tianqing patted Qianye’s shoulder, saying, “Speak, this young miss might help you if you perform well.”

“This… you know… about Zining…”

“It’ll depend on your performance!”

Qianye was puzzled. “Performance?”

“Simple, we have a deal if you yield your life to me.”

Qianye’s puzzlement turned to astonishment. “This… you know I already…”

He hadn’t even finished speaking when Ji Tianqing cut him off, “Don’t you even get a joke!? I’m your aide, so I naturally have to accompany you in saving him.”

Ji Tianqing answered as if everything was right and proper. Qianye, however, was overcome by an odd expression. “You’re going with me?”

“Of course, who else is there?”

Qianye felt a huge headache looming over the horizon. “Didn’t you say there will be powerful reinforcements?”

Ji Tianqing puffed up her chest. “Am I not a powerful reinforcement? How is your aide inferior to other people?”

Qianye felt a string of unspoken words stuck in his chest. He laughed wryly after a long while, saying, “Do you remember that you just escaped with injuries last time?”

“Didn’t that old man lose a leg this time? What are you afraid of?”

Qianye shook his head. “You go back first, I’ll wait here.”

“Go back? Where to?”

“Southern Blue, of course. Kuanglan is also there.”

“No! I’m your aide, so I have to stay where you are.”

Qianye’s expression was serious. “I’m fine on my own.”

Ji Tianqing’s smile disappeared as she asked, “You’re blaming me for implicating Song Seven, right?”

Qianye remained silent for a moment. “No, this matter isn’t your fault since there will be accidents in every battle. If someone is to blame, we should blame Song Zining for going to battle at that time. There was no need to destroy the Wolf King’s army in such a rush.”

Ji Tianqing looked at him seriously. “But you still blame me a bit, right?”

“I did, but not anymore. I would’ve done the same if I were in Song Zining’s shoes.”

There was no telling whether she accepted this explanation. “Then, will you do the same if I was the one captured?”

“You? I’ll, of course, find a way to rescue you.”

“I mean, will you risk your life like this?”

Qianye didn’t quite understand what she was getting at. “Of course, I’ll do my best.”

Ji Tianqing sighed lightly. “I think I’ll stay behind, I can still help you.”

“Just go back first, I’m more certain of escaping when I’m alone.”

Seeing Qianye so adamant, Ji Tianqing stopped trying to convince him and simply turned to leave.

Qianye heaved a sigh of relief after her departure. Then he observed his surroundings once more and went to look for a hiding place.

But the last few questions Ji Tianqing had asked him kept ringing in his mind. Qianye couldn’t help but feel that there were hidden meanings in her words, but what exactly was it that she wanted to know?

Qianye could always escape with Spatial Flash even if he were to encounter Luo Bingfeng. Up until this point, the only one from whom Qianye couldn’t escape was the mysterious entity in the Eastern Sea. No matter how powerful Ji Tianqing’s secret arts were, there was no ability on par with Spatial Flash in terms of a swift escape. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been injured by Rui Xiang.

Hence, there was no way Qianye could keep her at his side. Additionally, there was a different notion that he couldn’t bring up with her. He was afraid that Song Zining would suffer more and more as time went by, or even have his life threatened. At this point, Qianye felt that the pressure he was giving the other party wasn't high enough.

So, he decided to sneak into Tidehark.

The most powerful targets inside the city were Luo Bingfeng and that mysterious woman. Qianye wasn’t crazy enough to go and alarm them—his target this time was Rui Xiang.

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Every step inside the city would be fraught with danger and Qianye wasn’t even sure if he could escape from Luo Bingfeng a second time. His refusal of Ji Tianqing’s advice was just so that she wouldn’t follow him in.


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