Monarch of Evernight

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Volume 8 - Chapter 895: Seeking Help

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Qianye hadn’t gone very far when he heard a familiar voice. “Quite confident, eh? Peerless under the divine champion realm, is it?”

Qianye spun around in surprised delight and saw Ji Tianqing nearby!

He arrived before her in one step, arms wide open in a potential hug. Ji Tianqing looked on with a spurious smile, almost as though she had no intention of moving away.

Just as he was about to bring her into a full embrace, he suddenly exerted great force to stop his arms and retracted them just after touching her.

Qianye sized her up from head to toe. He only felt relieved after sensing that she was full of origin power and at the peak of her spirit, completely free from hidden injuries.

“Have you had enough? Do you want to look more? Where do you want to look?” Ji Tianqing’s questions placed Qianye in a predicament. He had forgotten that staring at a lady from head to toe was an offense.

However, Ji Tianqing had always been mysterious, and even until now, Qianye still couldn’t tell what she really looked like. The two had fought many battles side by side since her arrival in the neutral lands, even fled for their lives together. He had long since considered her a comrade and didn’t really think too much about the details.

Now that she had brought it up, Qianye quickly recalled that she was a young girl, perhaps even younger than he had expected.

“Sorry about that. I’ve been worried about you since you went missing, so…”

Ji Tianqing said with a harrumph, “Worried? How come I don’t see it? You’ve been more worried about Song Seven, haven’t you? I think you’re almost about to trade your life for him. I think you might’ve agreed if the other party wanted your life in exchange.”

Qianye gave it some thought. “No, I won’t. I wouldn’t want that if I were Song Zining.”

“You just won’t admit it!” Ji Tianqing refused to believe him.

“What happened back then?”

“We caught up to the Wolf King’s main army with our band of rag-tag soldiers, but the Wolf King had already fled. Song Seven decided to attack and surprisingly won. We had just routed the Wolf King’s main army when the people from Tidehark appeared from our flank. Song Zining wasn’t that old monster’s match, but after I was injured, he went all out against him to save me. In the end, he slipped up and was captured.”

Qianye heaved a long sigh. He had already guessed the general story, but he felt a heavy feeling in his chest after hearing Ji Tianqing’s narration.

At the mention of that battle, Ji Tianqing’s smile disappeared, and a gloominess came over her pretty face. “I just finished recovering, so I returned.”

“How were you two ambushed?”

This was the key issue. With Song Zining’s skill in strategy, it was unbelievable that he would suffer such a surprise attack.

Ji Tianqing replied, “I don’t know what happened exactly. That day, Song Zining’s divination powers suddenly disappeared. I also felt somewhat muddle-headed before the battle, unable to see through even the simplest of heaven’s mystery. Now that I think about it, it was quite odd. Perhaps they have some kind of divination expert working behind the scenes to obscure our powers.”

“Is there a divination expert in the neutral lands?”

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Ji Tianqing shrugged. “Who knows?”


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