Monarch of Evernight

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Volume 8 - Chapter 894: Attack

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Du Yuan and Rui Xiang glanced at one another, agreeing to work together at this dangerous juncture. Nonetheless, Qianye’s concealment was just too good. The two of them simply couldn’t find him no matter how hard they tried.

Qianye’s lock-on became intermittent at this point. Apparently, the combined search was effective in threatening him, but that had little effect on the situation because Qianye could attack immediately after locking on. Du Yuan and Rui Xiang still didn’t dare to be careless.

They exchanged glances and kept on searching.

Thus, the three began an exhausting contest of patience and endurance in the vast, complicated landscape of the wilderness. Qianye would have to expend energy if he wanted to maintain a certain level of threat on the two. Although his own consumption was relatively small, Du Yuan and Rui Xiang were at rank seventeen in cultivation, far above Qianye’s own. They were quite confident in winning a game of attrition.

One night went by in the blink of an eye.

Du Yuan’s breathing had become somewhat labored and Rui Xiang had turned pale. Even with their cultivation, maintaining focus for the entire night was extremely tiring. Even up to this point, Qianye’s lock-on would appear repeatedly like before, but there was never an opening in his stealth.

Du Yuan heaved a long sigh as he straightened his back, but he suddenly broke into a frown and bent down once more. During that brief moment, he had sensed himself being locked onto, but the sensation vanished immediately when he changed his posture.

Qianye’s movements were still as flawless as before, not revealing his position in the slightest.

Du Yuan smiled wryly. “Is this Qianye really just rank-thirteen?”

“I’m absolutely certain! I nearly caught him once, how can I make a mistake?”

Du Yuan shook his head. “If it wasn’t for the first impression, I would be inclined to believe he’s rank-sixteen, seventeen even.”

Rui Xiang remained silent for a moment. “There’s really no need to talk about that.”

Du Yuan paid him no attention and simply kept on muttering to himself, “Boundless potential, absolutely boundless potential.”

Rui Xiang’s expression turned ugly. He snorted once but couldn’t find the words to follow up. Having reached rank-thirteen at such an age—and with such pure origin power—the sky’s the limit for Qianye’s future. Add to that his super-powerful killing move, he was definitely the type of enemy who had to be snuffed out in the cradle. Otherwise, one could only run to the ends of the world once he matured.

Du Yuan took a deep breath. “Now that things have come to this point, there’s really no way back. The best way is to kill him with all that we’ve got. Steward Rui, where is Song Zining?”

Rui Xiang said with a frown, “What are you planning?”

“Simple, we should use Song Zining as bait and try to lure Qianye out.”

Rui Xiang was moved, and he said after a lengthy period of deliberation, “Is there no other way?”

Du Yuan sighed. “Do you have a better way of luring him out?”

“But Qianye is adept at escape and concealment. Don’t forget that he has escaped the Wolf King’s grasp more than just once. I fear neither of us can stop him if he senses something wrong and flees.”

“I have a way to make him stay once he makes an appearance.”

Rui Xiang probed, “Are you planning to ask the Wolf King for help? That’s impossible. He’s so badly injured that it’ll be a month or two at least before he can do anything.”

Du Yuan said, “I’ll ask the madam to take action.”

“Madam…” Rui Xiang’s gaze was filled with trepidation. That madam had always been mysterious and low-key. Rarely had anyone seen her in action, but she was already at the very peak in terms of origin power purity. It was only a matter of time for her to reach the divine champion rank.

Rui Xiang hadn’t expected Du Yuan to have a good relationship with her, so much so that he could have her take action.

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Du Yuan had always been cautious with his words and would never boast. If he said the madam could take Qianye down, then he must seriously believe that. In terms of real combat strength, both Du Yuan and Rui Xiang were confident in defeating Qianye—provided he didn’t run away. However, this wasn’t an arena, and that shot of Qianye’s was so powerful that it could be considered a sure kill. He also possessed the power to flee from battle, and even the Wolf King couldn’t catch him. Such a person was the most terrifying type of enemy on the battlefield, much more than his threat on paper.

The two of them were very clear that they would be at a clear disadvantage if they didn’t have Tidehark behind them to provide supplies and shelter.

Rui Xiang seemed to have a different type of apprehension, but he wasn’t willing to divulge. Du Yuan didn’t force him, either, and merely kept up the endless search. At this point, it had become a contest of willpower, a race to see who would make the first mistake.

After remembering Yu Mingkang’s description of Qianye, however, both parties suddenly felt less confident than before.

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Qianye was currently hiding behind some rocks less than three hundred meters away, gazing intently at the strolling Du Yuan and Rui Xiang. At this point, his breathing was calm and his aura, steady. He was almost at his peak both in terms of stamina and spirit, far from the exhausted state the other two had thought he would be in.


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