MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Immortal Iron Bull, 铁牛仙

Chapter 1471 - Capture Quan Zhen Sect Alive

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Chapter 1471: Capture Quan Zhen Sect Alive

Wang Yu beat the Sacred Hall Squad to a pulp on his own. On top of that, he had already grasped the Sacred Hall Squad’s weaknesses. Naturally, they couldn’t withstand his attacks.

[Dark Barrier]!!

[Thunder Cloud Storm]!!

“[Shadows Chain Kick]!”

Under the squad’s relentless attacks, Rockabye and the others were overwhelmed in white light before they disappeared into the crowd.

The assassins that targeted the City Lord were wiped out. Wang Yu’s [Assassination] effect disappeared with it as he recovered his authority as a City Lord.


Wang Yu snapped his fingers, imposing martial law on Twilight City’s guards at once.

Rockabye and the others were about to leave Twilight City’s resurrection point when the guards blocked their paths using spears.

“What’s going on?”

Rockabye and the others heard of guards restricting movements in the past. However, this was the first time they encountered this. For a moment, they felt bewildered.

When the guards saw Rockabye and the others’ reactions, he responded kindly, “City Lord’s orders! No one is to leave the resurrection point!”

Seeing that he wasn’t a local player, another soldier translated what he said in another language. If they didn’t understand, translating in other languages wouldn’t help. Anyway, they understood the gist. The game’s NPCs were very cordial.


When Sacred Hall Squad heard that, they panicked immediately.

Heck, he was being chased down by a lunatic. If he didn’t escape at once, he couldn’t get away once the lunatic caught up.

Sacred Hall Squad hadn’t interacted with guards in the past. They didn’t understand their power. When the guards blocked their paths, they refused to listen. Instead, they spread their wings and dashed out immediately. Of course, things didn’t end well. Before they could fly, the guards mercilessly slammed them into the ground.

Jeff was much more composed at the Magic Academy. He shuffled back a few steps and waved his staff, summoning a teleportation gate as he stepped in.

Seeing this, the guards launched their spears at him immediately, tearing Jeff and his teleportation gate to pieces.

That was the power of the guards. All of them had the power to manipulate space. Trying to escape in their face? To prevent Jeff from sending himself to his death, they took the extra step to help him with that.

Every job’s resurrection point was on this street. They were several metres apart from one another while the Sacred Hall Squad turned pale as they watched Jeff die again. All of a sudden, they calmed down.

Damn, it was a bad idea to go against these perverse soldiers.

With this commotion, Wang Yu and Quan Zhen Sect members landed at the entrance of the church as they headed toward Rockabye.

Staring at the approaching Wang Yu, he stared at the men following him as Rockabye’s heart sank into despair.

This was the end. He was trapped and couldn’t escape.

Furthermore, Meng Xi had issued an order for him to capture the Quan Zhen Sect members alive. Rockabye fell into greater despair.

Technically, he stole and assaulted them first. Since his boss told him to die, there was no way he could avoid it. However, he was trapped at the resurrection point. How could he capture them alive? The situation now reversed; he was being captured alive…

“Huh? Capture them alive?”

As he thought about this Rockabye was stunned. It seemed like he suddenly recalled something.

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At the same time, Wang Yu and the others walked to Rockabye.

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