MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Immortal Iron Bull, 铁牛仙

Chapter 1345 - Wang Yu Blocking The Way

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Chapter 1345: Wang Yu Blocking The Way

The players from Black Dragon Guild were like black clouds covering every single corner to the extent where the structure of the buildings could no longer be seen clearly.

The soldiers lying in ambush frightened the recruited players so badly that all of them froze in their spot and kept their weapons.

Their desire to live was so strong that all of them chose to concede defeat immediately…

Of course, it was not important whether they concede defeat at a time like this. These players had already successfully distracted Black Dragon Guild’s main troop and Bone Soul Pill had already reached Yamatai Valley. It would be too late even if Lava Teeth decided to turn them back now.

However, Quan Zhen Sect would rather die than to be at a disadvantage because they had already spent the money and would not let these Japanese gain any advantage. It was worth it to even throw out money just to see the white light which appeared upon death.


Ming Du laughed and raised his staff, throwing a patch of flame towards Black Dragon Guild’s troops. While that happened, Boson shouted, “Kill them all!”


Ming Du’s flame landed on the ground, taking away the lives of a few players. The Black Dragon Guild’s players got fired up immediately after seeing these pathetic guys still trying to struggle upon their death.

Before Lava Teeth could give his orders, everyone raised their weapons and started attacking the encircled soldiers.

In the game, enjoyment came from seeking revenge for the smallest issues. Even the worst losers would not stay put and do nothing after getting insulted in the game. The recruited players took out their weapons and fought back.

Those recruited players did not know one another beforehand so they did not have any coordination between each other. Hence, all they did was charge forward with all their might…

Black Dragon Guild’s players had a substantial amount of influence in Immortal Island so the players did not have much experience in large scale wars. Even though they had a neat formation, they were new to this and started to panic after the recruited players started creating a mess. All of their rhythm got disrupted.

The players at the entrance of the prison were stirred in a messy situation in an instant and everyone had no idea who they were hitting. White light and screams filled up the entire place and it was quite a sight.

Quan Zhen players smiled with satisfaction before flying to somewhere far away.

While the city was in a mess, Bone Soul Pill had already brought Karl out of the Yamatai Valley.

Bone Soul Pill and the rest were in a good mood at this point in time. After crossing the valley, they would reach the Yamatai headquarters. All of them became delighted at the thought of the bonus after this task and the possibility of the management in the headquarters for doing such a good job.

There were no opportunities at all in such a remote place like Saga City. Even a normal player in the headquarters was better than being a team leader in Saga City.

However, good things were always kept in imagination…

Right when the group of them reached the end of the Yamatai Valley, an unrecognisable figure appeared in front of them.

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That man was big in build and looked frightening. His rectilinear face was paired with stern eyes and a powerful aura. This man held a long wooden pole horizontally, blocking their way.

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