Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Nalanxian, 纳兰闲

Chapter 569: You Can’t Afford To Offend The Huo Family

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Chapter 569: You Can’t Afford To Offend The Huo Family

Lin Shuwen watched as Fang Chen remained quiet without even responding to Min Yu. He was behaving like a student listening to his teacher. He could not help pressing his forehead and felt anxious.

Lin Shuwen wanted to kick him.

Min Yu had already offered to make small talk with Fang Chen. Why was he not taking the opportunity to say more? Why was he behaving awkwardly?

Lin Shuwen pretended not to notice the look in Fang Chen’s eyes. Since he could not count on Fang Chen to make small talk with Min Yu, he had to help ease the awkwardness and chatted with Min Yu a little.

He Xiaoman wanted to talk to Lin Shuwen and was walking over when she suddenly halted in her steps.

She had suddenly caught sight of Lin Shuwen going up to the man from the countryside. The three of them seemed acquainted and Lin Shuwen’s attitude towards him looked a little strange.

He seemed to treat him with reverence.

He Xiaoman was puzzled. Why would Lin Shuwen be acquainted with a guy from the countryside? Also, Lin Shuwen was not from her hometown, right?

In her daze, another familiar silhouette suddenly appeared before her eyes unexpectedly.

Her foster daughter was surprisingly here too.

He Xiaoman opened her eyes wide as her foster daughter headed straight towards Lin Shuwen.

It seemed as though all of them were well-acquainted.

Something even more inconceivable took place as He Xiaoman stared at them.

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Lin Shuwen, surprisingly, nodded to her foster daughter respectfully. His attitude towards Huo Yao seemed no different from the reverent attitude he had shown for the man from her hometown.

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