Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Feng Jiong, 凤炅

Chapter 1683 - Grandpa Immortal

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Chapter 1683: Grandpa Immortal

In the sky above, within the clouds, a white clothed old man was sitting cross-legged on a flying dish and holding a horsetail whisk in his hand. His eyes were closed as he flew, as if he was meditating and resting at the same time.

However, the exuded divine spirit intent could hear the voices below in his ears, through the chaotic voices, he faintly heard children’s cry for help and a tiger’s roar.

Upon hearing these sounds, his eyes opened, after he pinched his finger to calculate, he looked down.

Through the clouds, he saw a small forest below, a three years old or so young child was hugging the branch of a large tree and crying for help while a seven or eight year old boy who was dripping with blood held a dagger as he tried to stab the tiger.

However, the boy was so weak that he was unable to kill the tiger. He watched as the boy was hit violently by the tiger and his little body flew a few metres away. The boy twitched and then fell unconscious. Just as the tiger was about to bite the unconscious boy, the little boy on the tree had stopped crying. He took his boots off and threw them at the tiger. Unexpectedly, this attracted the tiger’s attention.


The tiger roared and slammed forward into the tree with its huge tiger force. In the next moment, the little boy who was on the tree exclaimed and fell off.


Little Feng Ye covered his eyes with both hands in shock and horror as he started to cry. He was afraid of being eaten by the tiger. He was afraid all that would be left of his body was bones. Maybe the tiger would eat his bones too and there wouldn’t even be any bones left.

In his fear and panic, he had closed his eyes so he didn’t feel the pain when he hit the ground nor the pain of the impending bite from the tiger’s big mouth and sharp teeth, instead, he heard a scream from the beast.

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“Everything is fine now.”

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