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Chapter 1079 - Huaxia Gets It!

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Chapter 1079 Huaxia Gets It!

“Pitter-patter...” Just as Li Ji was standing and looking around nervously, footsteps suddenly came from the first corner of the long and winding road in front of him.

Hurriedly turning his head to have a look, Li Ji caught sight of a young man with a smile on his face walking out from the corner.

He was not dressed in strange clothes, but he exuded a kind of ethereal aura, which gave people a sense of detachment at first glance.

Judging from his aura, this young man had at least eighth-cla.s.s strength!

“How is it?” Seeing the man, Li Ji immediately inquired.

“Haha,” the young man laughed and said, “The leader has said that it’s impossible to surrender John Doe. Not to mention one special envoy, even ten special envoys can’t exchange for John Doe. Tell them that if they’re not as good as him, don’t do superfluous things!”

Hearing that, Li Ji blushed with shame. He saluted the young man and was ready to leave.

“Wait.” Seeing that Li Ji was about to leave, the young man suddenly shouted.

“Hmm?” Li Ji was stunned, turning around with curiosity.

“Nothing,” the young man smiled and asked, “I am just wondering if you have any other suggestions.”

“This...” Pondering for a moment, Li Ji said, “I think that we can make it public now that the plutonium material map has fallen into our hands. In this case, the dispute about the map in Zhongdong will end, which not only tells the strength of Huaxia to the underground forces in the world, but also prevents the people in Zhongdong from thinking that the map is still in John Doe’s hands so that we can help John Doe relieve some pressure.”

Hearing that, the young man nodded thoughtfully and then said, “Well, I’ll report your suggestion to my superiors as soon as I return. You can leave now.”

“Okay.” Li Ji stood upright and saluted, then turned around and left.

Quickly, an official statement from Huaxia quietly appeared on the forum of underground forces.

The contents of the statement were very simple.

“The plutonium material map is in our hands now and we have already got it. Those who still want to get the map, forget about it, please!”

As soon as this statement was released, the forum of the underground forces was in an uproar.

“The plutonium material map has fallen into the hands of the Huaxia government?”

“What the f.u.c.k, aren’t forces in Zhongdong still fighting for the map? Why did it fall into Huaxia’s hands?”

“This news came too suddenly. Nothing happened before. How come it was taken away by Huaxia in the blink of an eye?”

“John Doe caused various shocks in Huaxia at first, and now the plutonium material map has fallen into Huaxia’s hands as well. Why do I feel that the beneficiary is always Huaxia? The other countries and forces didn’t get anything?”

In Zhongdong, the special envoys of the three countries also saw the statement of Huaxia as soon as possible.

“Impossible.” Hardly had Lester seen the statement than he changed his expression. He couldn’t believe it at all. How could the plutonium material map Murica was ambitious about and he had been tracking, had been taken away by Huaxia for no reason?

“Huaxia only sent John Doe here. Even if John Doe got the map, it could be impossible for him to take it back to Huaxia quietly!

“It is impossible that the map is gone.”

“Is it John Doe?” When Isabel heard the news, she immediately frowned and muttered, “I didn’t expect that he would take it away. If I had known this would happen, I should have been following him and looking for an opportunity to make a move rather than acting so quickly. Even if it costs me my body, it is worthwhile.”

As a matter of fact, Isabel had been paying attention to Fang Qiu’s strength from the very beginning.

Therefore, it was actually just an excuse for her to like John Doe.

After she saw John Doe and knew his strength, she showed extremely strong temptation to John Doe and did not hide her admiration for him at all.

Her purpose was just to get close to John Doe and make use of his power.

It was clear that she was a real witch who couldn’t be as stupid as she looked.

Nevertheless, she had acted still quickly no matter how hard she tried.

After following John Doe, figuring out that the map might be in the headquarters of the Truth Division and thinking it must be in that small building, she couldn’t resist the temptation and made the first move.

If she had just monitored John Doe instead of taking action, then everything John Doe could obtain might have fallen into her hands.

It was a pity, such a pity.

Isabel smiled bitterly.

“Sure enough, John Doe is really powerful.” Yakov was not surprised when he knew the map had been obtained by Huaxia.

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He had heard about the legend of Huaxia; after all, Rashk bordered Huaxia. At the same time, he occasionally knew something about Huaxia Wulin, so he didn’t dare to look down on John Doe from the beginning.

Now in the entire Zhongdong, no one dared to question John Doe’s strength anymore, because he had done too many big things. Almost every good thing occurring in Zhongdong was related to John Doe, and in the end, only John Doe and Huaxia benefited from them as well!

Perhaps everyone believed in luck, but n.o.body believed that so many benefits could be explained by luck. Moreover, John Doe had killed a lot of people, even including Tyler, the Demon King ranked 30th on the Underground List.

Who would dare to question such strength?

“Humph, so what if he’s powerful?” Ameer snorted angrily and said in a cold voice, “He took my plutonium material map, and killed the people and stole the holy fruit of the Truth Division. No matter how strong John Doe is, he deserves to die. If 200 million dollars is not enough, I’ll raise it to 300 or 500 million dollars. I don’t believe that no one in the world can kill him!”

“Don’t worry.” The old military counselor hurriedly stopped him, shook his head and waved his hand, saying, “Don’t act rashly for the time being. John Doe is too strong so we still need to be careful and make a new plan. I just didn’t expect that we were lucky. The person who took the map is really him!”

At the headquarters of the Gospel DIvision, numerous people were discussing this matter, too.

“Is the news from the Truth Division true?”

“The plutonium material map has fallen into the hands of the Huaxia government?”

“I didn’t expect that he not only took the holy fruit, but also took away the plutonium material map.”

“Now, the situation is changing again.”

“d.a.m.n it.” In a hotel in a small town in Zhongdong, two young men sat on the bed, looking at the news they had just received on their mobile phones. Their faces were particularly gloomy.

Obviously, these two people were from Nirvana Organization.

“Huaxia is really something.” The young man whose strength was at the peak of the ninth cla.s.s took on a ghastly expression on his face. “He admitted it so soon and even didn’t care about the thoughts of the other four countries at all!”

“What should we do?” the young man who had ninth-cla.s.s strength with one opened meridian also frowned and asked. “Now everyone knows that the map is in Huaxia and the holy fruit is with John Doe. Our next plan can’t be carried out.”

“Let’s ask the superiors first,” replied the other man.

On the forum of the underground forces began a heated discussion.

“John Doe really took the map from the Divine Envoy of the Truth Division who has the strength of a Half-step Guru. If he makes it, doesn’t it mean that John Doe’s strength has reached SS level and is only one step away from SSS?”

“John Doe’s strength has refreshed our understanding of him again!”

“Now, the plutonium material map and holy fruit that attract the whole world have been s.n.a.t.c.hed away by John Doe. How ridiculous his strength is!”

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